Lost passports.

Of course, the man who lost a passport, you can only sympathize.Who has not found himself in a similar situation?For sure - many.And not all know the answer to the question: "lost passports.What to do"?Meanwhile, the mere fact of the loss of identity can be transformed into a serious problem.What happens if the document fall into the hands of speculators?

They can receive a loan or to register "one-day firms" - all this is fraught with troubles with the "law".

What do I need to do first

If you have lost your passport, what to do in this case - you absolutely do not know, immediately contact a law enforcement agency.And the sooner you do, the easier it will be the process of restoring an identity document.Come to the police and said: "I have lost a passport.What to do"?The police will certainly matter.Employees of the "power" of your ticket will be given notification, which will be the proof that you are promptly addressed, where to apply.

However, this solution is not limited to when the lost passport.What should I do in this case yet?

sure to pay a visit to the migration service

necessary to address in a structural unit of the migration service, if the loss of the document was due to negligent handling him.

inform the immigration officers about the loss of identity document, you are "turns" in his passport invalid document.

after making statements about the loss of the passport you will just have to wait.The competent authorities within the next 24 hours Address data of the identity document in a federal database, which is regularly "browsing" of the organization to verify the validity of the passport.

After an appeal to the Migration Service, a man who has lost an identity document can not be afraid of what someone would use them for nefarious purposes.

If you lost your passport, you will have to pay the penalty for this administrative offense, while its size will range from one hundred to three hundred rubles.If you are a "huge" belatedly asked the competent authorities to recover the document, the amount of the fine will increase to 1500-2500 rubles.

documents that will be required to restore the passport

with the question of where to go if the lost passport, we understand.Let us now focus on the documents to be submitted in order to be re-done.

Firstly, you should write a statement about the loss, which is necessary to elaborate on all the circumstances of the incident.

Secondly, you have to be on hand receipt confirming payment of the fee, the size of five hundred rubles.

Third, you must have four of the photograph from the front size of 35x45 cm.

Fourth, you may be asked for additional documents that prove that you - are you: a birth certificate, marriage certificate, birth certificatechildren.

These documents will make the passport office staff notes that you lost identity document.

At a time when the new passport will be made, you will be given a temporary document.