Moscow Social Card .How to get the Muscovite social card ?Validity Muscovite social card

Moscow Social Card was invented to make life easier and to improve its quality from the capital's residents, who believe a variety of benefits.It looks like a normal bank plastic cards and, in principle, the same function.The main difference - it is personal, and is designed for those who are eligible for social benefits.In addition, SCM is a personal electronic key, which provides information on the benefits provided by the cardholder.

Initially, the introduction of SCM is tested on the three areas of the capital.Regulations have been developed, agreed upon concept.The experiment was considered a success, and since the end of 2001 began to be implemented throughout the city.It must be said that the ultimate aim of introducing a Muscovite social card in the first approximation is to create a very precise list of all the persons who laid benefits within Moscow.And if you look further into the future and believe in the success of the experiment launched in 2001, it is expected to expand this list in all of Russia.

Types SCM

Moscow Social Card for major differences in benefits divided into two types.One gives the right to free use of public transport, which includes tram, metro, trolley and bus.Minibuses and, of course, free taxi to the categories do not apply.The second type of SCM rights bezoplatnoy travel on public transport does not.

Free travel

To put Muscovite social card of the first type?It can get residents of the capital, which previously relied such privilege, that is people with disabilities (including minor children with disabilities);Children from families where they are more than three (ie the offspring of large families), and one of their parents;and mother and father of a disabled child (up to 18 execution of it);orphans, again to 18, and children without parental care to the same age.

SCM second kind

Moscow Social Card, which is not provided for free travel, given to those who put one-time payment on the birth of children from the city budget, including, if triplets born.The same card will be given if a young family assigned the additional allowance.Moscow Social Card for pregnant women also applies to the second type of SCM.To obtain the expectant mother should be registered in any Moscow clinic five months before her pregnancy.

provides benefits

First of all, with SCM, you can get a discount in the stores that are involved in this program.Only need to show the card before paying.Lists of these organizations can be taken in the preparation of SCM.

If you write an application in RUSZN laid subsidies and payments will be credited to your card Muscovite - for many it is very convenient.It is possible to simply put the cash on the CCM - the nearest branch of the Bank of Moscow with a passport and a card will make this operation.And if you did it before five in the evening, you can use the money today.If you later - will have to wait until the next day.

If you at least sometimes use the street phone booths and on your SCM have the means, you can use instead of money when calling card.Just pay attention to whether there is a plaque on the selected booth that caters credit card payphone.

Adult Muscovite card holders can obtain short-term credit.The upper limit on age bracket - 70 years.It is worth noting that the "top" age for lending in many banks below - 65 or even 60.

the way, the Moscow Social Card for pensioners can be useful also to transfer her pension.To use this service, require an application for the transfer of money to the SCM.It is necessary to write to the Pension Fund of his district.

Muscovites most used function is to pay "communal".The order for the automatic transfer of money eliminates the monthly visits to the bank, standing in lines and filling receipts.The bank will automatically recalculate the amount of payment, if the rates are changing.

In the near future, when all clinics will be set to read the installation of plastic cards, Muscovite social card will be an alternative to mandatory health insurance now.

Places clearance SCM

Where to get Muscovite social card depends on the reason for which you are entitled to it.Thus, pregnant women and those who put one-time payments for the birth of children, turning the management of social welfare in its area of ​​residence (in other words, at his residence, or as it is called now, registration).There also should head recipients with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities, representatives of orphans, families with many children, etc.

Students have the right to SCM only with permanent registration in Moscow, if they study full-time students of any university of the capital (as long as it has been accredited by the state).To obtain the card they need to go to any point of registration and issuance.These points are located in the Moscow metro spetskassah.It will tell the student how to get the Muscovite social card, how much to expect much to come of it and what the paperwork.Alternatively, if the university or institution attended gathering questionnaires and the subsequent issuance of cards, all this can be done directly at the university.

Making Muscovite social card for subsidies for communal produced in urban centers housing subsidies.This is done every day, so it is better to know in advance, so as not to waste time.

remains Muscovite social card for the student.Many institutions organized execution of it right at the school.If this is not possible, then the child (or rather, his parents) will have to again apply to the special fund Metro.

package of necessary documents

Depending on whom it is intended, SCM, a list of required papers slightly different.Under any circumstances it will be necessary application form.And to fill it out, need your passport (for adults) or birth certificate (if the child is under 14).Further, the documents for the Muscovite social card includes medical and pension insurance, and the standard photo sizes (3 to 4).

Then there are differences.The student will have to present studbilet full-time.For underage students profile assure the parents (or guardians or trustees).You also need to print schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, secondary specialized educational institution where the child learns.

heavily pregnant woman who put Muscovite social card for pregnant women must add a certificate from the hospital (antenatal) that she stood on the account, and before pregnancy was 20 weeks.

for compensation and other benefits

If Moscow Social Card is taken for compensation and benefits from the municipal budget, will need a birth certificate son, daughter, certificate from the registry office, and the direction from the same (given when registering the child in view of the documents submitted the parents - theirplace of residence and age).If mom or dad do not have Moscow registration, bring the certificate of residence of the child.And finally, one more reference - from the district USZN - that the other parent did not file such a request and receives no compensation for children.The last two documents issued by the relevant authorities only with the consent of the parents, so expect that getting delayed for a few days to send the request and wait for a response to it.If payment is assigned at birth is not the first child, the documents required in previous children.And in addition to the birth certificate will also need a certificate that the child (or children) member (s) in Moscow and lives with his parents.

How to get Moscow Social Card?

After filling in the application form the future owner of the card receives a special card.It must be kept up to receive the card, otherwise we will have to start again.If the SCM package includes public transportation without payment, together with the voucher issued temporary travel, which will replace the card until it is received.

For most cards have to come to the same place where the application is surrendered.With a must bring a passport (for minors - a birth certificate) and one ticket that was previously issued.

As for the manufacture of any plastic card takes time, the deadline for receipt of SCM will be assigned in the area two weeks.When filling inaccuracies and errors, the form would have to refill, so you better check it out the first time, and if you apply to the subway ticket office, ask an employee to check whether you have done everything right.

addition to the card Muscovite receives more instructions on its use, a list of shops and businesses where the card can buy or get service at a discount, and a sealed envelope, which, as in getting a credit card is PIN code to the card.

rules and the possibility of using SCM

to a bank account, which is opened after the adoption of the application form, registration and issuance of the card, they can enter the compensation, bonuses, pensions and lump-sum payments that you will be charged state.To save time, not to go in person to receive the money, you should write a statement in the necessary organization, according to which the funds will be credited to your card.For example, if a student wants to get her a scholarship, he should report it to your university.Retired over his pension goes in the "native" branch of the Pension Fund.For subsidies to pay for utility services will need to visit the center of the housing allowance.But all these trips you will need to make only once.

Save time and can be one-off orders for the distribution of money coming to the card.As already mentioned, the most popular is the payment service apartments - the bank itself will track changes in the rates and timing of payment.But you can pay monthly and order, for example, for training - if the child is studying on a paid department or institution attends extra classes, clubs and groups.You can pay in a timely insurance or necessary treatment - it is, however, not only have to visit the bank and insurance company or medical institution, to clarify whether they accept such payments.

There are opportunities and cash withdrawal through ATM.However, the program has only three banks - TransCreditBank, VTB 24 and the Bank of Moscow.When using their ATMs commission is not taken.Other banks take a percentage, and although it is small (0.5), but in each renting money "unfriendly" ATMs you will lose from 50 to 100 rubles.So small amounts generally unwise to take - at least take anyway.

order not to get lost and confused in expenditures and income, is convenient to use SMS-banking.All changes to your account (such as withdrawals and earnings) to a specified cell phone number will be reported.The first couple of months, this service is even free of charge, and even then only costs 50 rubles per month.

How many acts of SCM?

Validity Muscovite social card, unlike bank cards (1 year), is designed for 5 years.To navigate to what date it acts on the left of the SMC logo "Visa" knocked out last month in which it operates.By 2013, after the end of the JMC it was necessary to change it.You could do it or where to receive (for example, in a social security), or all in the same box office specialized in the subway.Moreover, the new SCM was made one and a half months until the end of the old one.Some Muscovites who use mobile banking, said that even receiving a warning message about the imminent replacement time card.Others have complained that they can not find information about where they have to change the SCM expired.

Now the authorities have decided that the replacement of cards is inconvenient and unprofitable.Rather than change the map, it is now extended.It promised that the extension is automatic, that is, the implementation of the next trip on the map.

However, those who receive monetary social assistance, especially in the changed circumstances (change of registration, the birth of another child or the establishment of disability), it is necessary in advance to attend to the issue of how to extend the social map Muscovite.For the answer will have to go, or social security, or in the same metro ticket office.Specific recommendations, perhaps, do not give: in different parts of the city there are some procedural technicalities.General remains that for a new card will need a passport and the old.

loss or damage SCM

If you accidentally spoiled the card, for example, wore it next to mobile phone and keys (and it is, among other things, magnetic) or fool around a little child, one way out - to be replaced.But at least I do not have to sound the alarm, because it has no will not be able to take advantage of, and in the reduction of you have something to show, albeit in a corrupt way.

But if SCM is lost - is another matter.As with credit cards, the missing cards should be reported to the Bank of Moscow in the first place, especially if the money were on the map.The bank will block your QMS, at least do not have to grieve for the money spent by someone else.The second step - to inform RUSZN.Momentary loss of a new fact you get to be difficult.By the way, if the card is still there, is it necessary to say again to both organizations.

following steps - the same as in the deterioration of the card.Application Form, plus a package of documents in your application RUSZN.Keep in mind: if the card is spoiled you, for the manufacture of new, you may have to pay.

Summing up, we can conclude that the Muscovite social card - a very convenient thing.And let the inhabitants of the capital complain of some difficulties with the exchange and the extension of the advantages it has more.