Do I need a visa to the Dominican Republic?

chic and well-maintained beaches, azure blue sea, or amazing, paradise and unalloyed vacation - with all that is associated Dominican Republic.Especially good round trip in Glacial or dank winter, when most of the neighbors and friends go to work or even lie with the flu ... So if you had the opportunity to spend your vacation on the beautiful island where the country is, the first thing is to find out whether you needvisa to the Dominican Republic.

What the experts say?

It all depends on whether a citizen of the state you are.As residents of the United States, European Union, Canada and the UK almost everywhere open "green road", the Dominican Republic and this is no exception.They can come here, do not decorated in the embassy.Do I need a visa to the Dominican Republic for the citizens of Russia?No, the same as for the citizens of Ukraine and Kazakhstan.This country hospitably opens its doors for you, and the permission to enter it is the usual tourist "Tarjeta" (map).But the citizens of other CIS countries is not so much luck.Do I need a visa to the Dominican Republic to the Armenians, Belarusians, Azerbaijanis?Yes, in order to relax in this paradise, they will have to apply for the visa through embassies in their countries.

What is a Tourist Card?

This special permission to visit the country to explore its sights, culture, traditions and holidays.It issued at the airport.It is valid for one month (thirty days).Of course, it does not give out free of charge.Those who want to know whether you need a visa to the Dominican Republic, have to understand that in this case, too, paid a certain fee.He is not very big, and is ten dollars (or euros).To get this card, while monitoring document you must present a passport to be valid for all the time that you intend to stay in the Dominican Republic.You will also be asked to show a ticket confirming your departure from the country - home or somewhere else.By the way, when you leave the Dominican Republic, you have to pay another fee, already twice as expensive - these local rules.

What should I do to relax here a little longer?

like Vietnam or Thailand, and in many tropical resorts, there are tourists who want to splash in the gentle sea are not a couple of weeks and months.What to do in such a case?"Well, there certainly need a visa to the Dominican Republic!"- The skeptics will cry and be wrong.Just get the desired "Tarjeta" for thirty days, you can renew it at any police station or in the local migration service for a few dollars.The maximum period during which you can in such a case to stay in the Dominican Republic - three months.If you - a citizen of one of the countries whose citizens require a visa to visit this resort, the validity of tourist entry permits - sixty days.Extend it can be in the migration service is still at the same time.

Sometimes tourists are experiencing due to the fact that some countries have often changed the rules of entry and exit, and information about it is not enough.Maybe already required at this resort, as the Dominican Republic, a visa for Russians?2013 did not bring any changes in these rules, and tourists can safely execute "Tarjeta" at the airport.However, if the purpose of your visit is not a vacation and business or work, then you certainly have to get a permit at the embassy.