How to dye your hair a pastel?

How to dye your hair a pastel?This issue is of concern to many fashionistas who love to experiment with their image.

How to dye your hair a pastel?Advantages of

There are many reasons why it is better to choose this type of staining.Firstly, the pastel is not so harmful to hair as chemical paint.Although it is worth noting that abuse such experiments still not worth it - the material dries hair.The second reason - it is easy to use.To create a completely new image, you do not need to go to the hairdresser.Also, do not worry about the color will fall unevenly, or you will not get the expected color.All much easier.Third, you can dramatically change the image, because there is a variety of pastel colors - from classic natural to bright, rich and acidic.Moreover, you do not need to make a painful choice between several colors you want - you can experiment as you please, and even combine 10 different shades.And for that you do not need to perform a complicated procedure, like the one that hairdressers do when the highlighting.No foil, no stress.Just paint the hair in the colors that you like.You can make a nice change from one color to another, you can paint the entire surface of the hair or individual sections.

How to paint the tips of the hair pastel?Just rub a crayon in a lock!This procedure takes very little time, but it gives a wonderful effect.Another argument in favor of pastel coloring - you can forget about your usual image and to select the color, which is not ashamed to come to work or to show parents, but who will not be able to express your individuality.No!You can create a totally "wild" way to a party or event, and the next day again become exemplary lady in a strict business suit.

How to dye your hair a pastel?

to your transformation was as pleasant as possible, throw with a towel over his shoulders, and cover the floor with oilcloth or a newspaper.Remember that pastel is not so easy to scrub.Can I dye my hair with pastels at home?Of course!You need to comb your hair and twist lock, which you will paint in tow.This will help achieve a more intense color.If you have dark hair, wet strand of water.Now rub with fine hair.To effect was more original, use different colors for one strand.When you achieve the desired color, remove excess pastels with a comb.To make your hair longer were bright, "color" should be strengthened.Use a nail, or a curling iron is.Pastels can be a little stain clothes, so, it is better to choose things like the color or make updo.Usually the effect lasts until the 1st or 2nd bathing head.The easiest way to wash off pastels with a brush with natural bristles.After use, be sure to make a shampoo nourishing mask or use the air conditioner.This will restore your hair.And, of course, do not abuse this kind of painting.Now you know how to dye my hair with pastels, and thus be able to attract the views of others and to be the center of attention every minute!