Tea "Tess": views and reviews

today in supermarkets, you can find a lot of different drinks.Among them are often featured tea "Tess."What kind of drink, and that buyers are thinking about it?Today we'll talk about it.

for reception

Of course, there are moments when guests come home unexpectedly.That's when people tend to be satisfied with a tea party.At such times there is nothing better than a cup of quality tea.But since now the choice is quite large, then pick up something suitable can be very difficult.At this time, comes to the rescue tea "Tess."

This product quickly filled the shelves of shops and supermarkets.He is able to meet almost any customer.Tea "Tess", reviews of which we are examining today - is the choice of many people for the reception.He will come to help at any time - no one will be indifferent.

For myself

Undoubtedly, among the people there are real foodies.They are able to criticize almost any product.If you fall into this category, but still enjoy a good non-alcoholic beverages, the tea "Tess" - is the best choice for you and your family.

If you want to treat yourself to a rich and natural taste, but you can not decide on the mark - try classic tea "Tess" black.It has a wonderful aroma, color and, of course, taste.Fragrant and affordable drink in your cup will make any tea party a real pleasure.

The taste and color

main component of any tea, which gives a significant advantage of a product over the other - is the presence of different tastes.It offers tea "Tess," an assortment of different flavors and unforgettable.Among them you can meet the most unexpected combinations, which are able to recall the many "flavors of childhood."

example, tea "Tess" with apples and cinnamon.He has a persistent and delicate flavor that will not leave people indifferent 90s.He he is able to recall the taste of chewing gum "Love is".You can feel like a kid again, enjoying the unforgettable taste.If you do not know what drink drink for dessert, you can safely choose tea "Tess."He scored positive reviews and even a little shocking.Which ones?More on this later.First, let's talk, which has the advantages of these products.


Tea "Tess" - it is also a great gift for friends and relatives.Surely you've seen the gift sets of tea?Many occupies most of the bright packaging, and there is little drink.But tea "Tess" aims to attract a buyer and bring him a lot of unforgettable emotions.

Gift Set "Tess" guarantees the buyer a lot of bright and rich flavor.Unlike other brands, Gift Set contains a lot of different tea bags.Among them we can meet and rosehip with apple and raspberries, and strawberries and lemon with lime ... In general, a set of "Gift Tea" Tess, "" contains different kinds.As a rule, this "little presents" there are six different flavors saturated.In addition, the packaging looks quite stylish, it helps to make the set even a great addition to the kitchen decor.

What occurs?

fairly common variant of any tea "Tess" - this bags.Convenient and practical way to quickly get the pleasure of rich beverage.But, as in all other cases, this product has other views.So, what species are found?

"Tess" - tea in pyramid.It will be the first species, which we'll talk.By itself, the tea in pyramid - a new and original solution for all fans of hot beverage.Such a product for a long time and retains the flavor itself easily and stored for a long time.Use it easy and convenient - to collect the little tea leaves is not necessary, as the "Pyramid" does not let them in the cup - just unforgettable and intense flavor.Just what you need each customer.

Another tea - Green "Tess."He meets a little less than the classic black.All of this because it pretty quickly snapping up - unlike its competitors, even green tea "Tess" has a number of significant advantages.These include the fact that he has a lot of flavors.For example, ginger or peppermint.Unforgettable emotions and sensations are guaranteed.

And what about the classics?

It is worth mentioning that the tea "Tess" and there is a so-called "loose."It can be easy to make in a teapot and serve gourmet.Many customers say the fact that the bags, "piramidirovanny" loose and types are quite different.Last chosen by many buyers.But what attracts them?

Needless to say, that classic loose tea retains its flavor and color longer than bags?Probably not.In addition, this tea "Tess" - an economical and practical solution.Especially if you love fresh and memorable drink at any time of the day.Classic tea "Tess" is available to each customer, and grabs him for a long period of time.

What do buyers?

Now it's time to talk about what the customers think about the tea that they acquire.Analysis of feedback from different customers of different ages provides a very tangible results.

Basically, of course, leave reviews housewife.Who, if not him, even understand what tea is the best.Most shoppers emphasizes vivid and rich taste of "Tess", which is not in most other brands.In addition, potrebitelnits often touted assortment of tea - an unforgettable and unusual options can be found on store shelves.

For many, of course, important, and the price tag on the goods.As already mentioned, the tea "Tess" is available to everyone.For a large stack of loose version will have to pay about 50 rubles (the price average may vary by region of residence).Consumption economical pack is enough for a long time.It pleases many of the fair sex.

Positive feedback tea "Tess" has won in the category "best gift".Indeed, often the holidays decided to give coffee and tea, especially when the head does not come any ideas.But what if you do not know what sort of taste and prefer the one to whom you are going to give tea?You can safely choose a gift set of "Tess" - with it you will not regret it.The customer noted that such a gift - the best solution for everyone.

Nevertheless, among the buyers sometimes flare up huge controversy about what kind of tea to choose from.Some leave reviews, signaling that the tea bag has a bad taste, actually no.Just water with flavoring and coloring agents.These people say that only the loose option deserves attention and positive reviews.Others, however, praise "bags".But they both still claim that "Tess" - the perfect solution for all tea lovers.

women customers are paying special attention Packaged tea "Tess Flirt".It has a strawberry flavor, which is so lacking, especially the long winter evenings.The attention he drew to himself that his scent is said to be too harsh for the natural strawberries.Nevertheless, he fills the room, and a cup of rich aroma and a real taste of the berries.Regarding his opinion remains positive.Many publish photos that are visible pieces of the real strawberries.


Well, it's time to sum up our conversation about tea "Tess."By itself, it has a number of advantages that help products occupy a strong position in the market of food products.Many customers choose this brand.A wide range resembles something expensive and fragrant teas, which not everyone can afford.But "Tess" - this is a decent and affordable drink for the whole family.You can drink like sugar, and without it - the presence thereof does not affect the quality.In general, it can be a long time to talk about how good or bad tea "Tess."Better yourself to try once and decide for yourself all alone.