How to make a henna tattoo: homemade recipe

Tattoos were in fashion at all times, but many did not dare to decorate your body because of the fear of pain and needles.Temporary tattoos or temptu - not a solution, because they are used to paint is completely washed off, and the remaining stain has to be removed is not too pleasant way.Today, in any tattoo parlor know how to make a henna tattoo.It differs from temptu that completely washed away with time.Fashion body to paint beautiful patterns of henna came from India to Europe, where, in turn, came from the Middle East and Africa.In modern India, henna patterns are applied to the body only during religious rituals.

Before doing henna tattoo, it is necessary to find a suitable dye.The powder is used to dye hair, body not like.He has enough pulverized and impurities.Henna Tattoo has a light green color and very fine grinding.This powder was "afraid" of light and moisture, so store it in a dry and dark place.When stored properly, it can be used the whole year.

begin the process, determine the color pattern.Conventional powder gives a very pale, almost skin tone.To make a tattoo brighter, must be dissolved in cold water a few crystals of black graphite, and dilute this water henna powder.In addition, you can buy a ready-made henna paste in various shades.

So, how to make a henna tattoo at home?First of henna powder is necessary to cook pasta the right consistency, with the use of metal utensils can not.

There are a few recipes, but we will go for the most simple way.Squeeze the juice from the lemon and add three spoons of it in a cup of hot and strong tea.There also add 5 drops of oil melabia.If desired, you can replace tea coffee and exotic oil - by eucalyptus or olive.The result is a solution of catalyst.Butter flavor therein podcherkivet henna and facilitates the extrusion mixture from the tube, tea enhances chroma paste, using lemon juice mixture is better absorbed into the skin.One of the hot solution must be mixed with four parts henna powder.

order to obtain a homogeneous paste, you can once again skip the powder through the grinder.The resulting mass should be consistency of mud.Allow to sit for half an hour - and get to work.

Before you make a henna tattoo, the skin should be degreased.After that, apply the contour drawing.The easiest way to do this is through a stencil, which can be cut from a thin plastic film.The finished paste to put in a cone tattoo foil or a conventional syringe and apply it on the skin with a brush.

Apply the paste can and a wooden or plastic stick, but used for this metal objects should not be.A thick layer should be applied to the circuit pattern and leave for 30-40 minutes, until the paste is absorbed into the skin.All unnecessary removed wet swab of cotton wool.If you want to paint the picture completely, spread it on a wooden spatula pasta - the thicker the layer of paste, the darker the shade of the picture.

Few know how to make a henna tattoo.After that, we must learn to keep drawing.It should dry out at least 8 hours.To figure not blurry, wrap it with foil and secure, or cover with several layers of hairspray.

When the henna paste is dry, carefully scrape it with the blunt side of a knife, but in any case, do not rinse with water.The remaining mass can be cleaned with lemon juice.To figure remained longer, before the water procedures, wipe it with vegetable oil.Damage to it can cause frequent contact with clothes, washcloth, soap and scrubs, as well as shaving or waxing.

Finally, before you make a henna tattoo, think carefully drawing, wash it off immediately because not succeed.