Vladimir the Red Sun

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end of the seventies of the 10th century was marked by the arrival of the prince's throne in Kyiv younger son Svyatoslav - Vladimir.Personal qualities of the new ruler, his character attracted people to him.During his reign he was able to talk with ordinary people, cared for the sick, he gave gifts, no different in this daring and visiting sometimes arrogant and unfair.For broad soul, its hospitality, along with education, creative activity and a commander governor earned the nickname "Red Sun".The younger son Svyatoslav became the hero of epics and legends.

Vladimir the Red Sun, whose biography is full of various events, rules for almost forty years.The main event during his reign is certainly the adoption of Christianity and the Baptism of Russia.It happened in the year 988.

ascended to the throne, Prince Vladimir the Red Sun started to think about strengthening power.He began to build pagan temples and idols everywhere to install.While in exile, the Vikings relied on their strength.In addition, at that time the Slavs, honoring the gods Perun, Simargl, Veles and others lived under the laws of paganism.

In the first ten years of Vladimir the Red Sun set before princely Terem wooden idol chief, in his opinion, the god Perun.According to chronicles testimonies idolatry is most popular in the beginning of the reign of the young ruler.

In order to strengthen the state Vladimir the Red Sun has made a large number of trips to the surrounding areas.After the declaration of war by the Polish Slavs, young ruler seized some fortified cities and added Red Rus (Carpathian).Once, having gone to the northeast, he is pacified did not want to pay tribute to Vyatichi.From there, Vladimir the Red Sun went to the northwest, in the territory of the ancient tribe of Lithuanians - State Yatvingians.

preserved some evidence about how and where the baptism took place the ruler of Kievan Rus.According to one source, this event took place in Kyiv, according to others - in the city Vasilev (in the Kiev region).

Some evidence referred to Korosten (Chersonesos) the city of Vladimir's christening.On the territory of the Russian rulers organized the next campaign.In those days this Crimean fortress belonged to the Byzantine Empire and for a long time resisted the invasion of Vladimir.According to legend, the ruler of Russia vowed to be baptized if it is taken to be a fortress.After a long resistance Korosten residents were forced to surrender.However, the prince of Kiev was not enough.

After the capture of the fortress Vladimir sent to Constantinople, then the ruling of Constantine and Basil, warning that he was ready to go and in the capital of the Byzantine Empire.At the same time Russian prince agreed, and the world, if a wife will receive Anna - the sister of the Byzantine rulers.However, the brothers considered it indecent to give his Christian sister's idolater, what and diplomatically hinted to the prince, offered to convert to Christianity.Along with the adoption of their faith, the Byzantine rulers promised to give Anna.Russian prince went to such conditions.

After his baptism, Vladimir had baptized their children, a large number of nobles and ordinary people of Kiev.Idols he ordered to lose the Dnieper.

Over the next 25 years on the territory of Kievan Rus was built more than 300 Orthodox churches, which have become centers for the dissemination of culture Christianity.

Together with Orthodoxy came to Russia, and writing, and book illumination.After the baptism in the state there are schools in which teaching priests.Further

of Vladimir was associated with a secure existence and unity of Kievan Rus.They had made a trip to the North Caucasus, the Caspian Sea, the Volga.On the new borders of the state were erected defenses, build cities, forts, signal towers, earthen ramparts.Thus, we have constructed a fortress on Trubezh, gums and other rivers.

died Kiev Prince Vladimir in Berestove, July 15, 1015 of a sudden illness, was not elected heir to the throne.