How to join the clan World of Tanks the most successful?

all know that a skilled player can beat a novice, even if the first plays into the tank much weaker than the second.However, it should also be noted that the interaction and mutual understanding - it is even more important parameters, since this project is a team.Accordingly, two well understand and know each other will allow players to the best of circumstances defeat the whole enemy team.Thus, it is important to have a good clan WoT, because it is within the clan you will be able to practice all the strategies to decide how to act on the battlefield, and so on.But first, it is to figure out how to join the clan World of Tanks, as has already even at this stage there is a problem for many.

portal clans

The first thing you need to learn if you want to understand how to join the clan World of Tanks - is that accession takes place on a single portal.On the main site has a special section for the clans in which you and should be able to navigate.Many are beginning to look for other ways to ask the pl

ayers, and so on, but this is not necessary.If you carefully examine the process, you will realize that it is extremely simple.So you were on the right portal - what do you do next?How to join the clan World of Tanks?

search a specific clan

you should understand that the portal - is a tool with which you can find and join a clan.But most of the work can be performed separately.Since you asked the question about how to join the clan World of Tanks, you need to seriously consider what the community already exist on your server.After that, you can contact with the heads of the clans that are best suited to you, and to discuss the conditions of entry.Then the clannish portal you need only to officially become a member of the clan.

confirmation request

Create clan World of Tanks - is a huge responsibility, and if you are not able at this time to take over her, then you can just join the clan.And if you have already discussed with the leadership of all the details and come to an agreement, then you need to use one of two methods.Firstly, you can enter in the search box the name of your desired clan, go to his page and apply.Or the head of the clan can send you the invitation that you will only need to confirm.That's it - you're in a clan, and the game World of Tanks is getting to you both easier and much more interesting.

Personal File

however is not always possible to resolve all issues outside the portal - then you can use that opportunity to the fullest.To do this, you need to fill your personal business.First of all you need to point out what should be the minimum percentage of victories members, then the minimum and maximum number of members.Mark, it is important to you whether the presence of the clan lands on the Global Map.Tell us and important information about yourself - specify on what days of the week you will be able to play and at what time.Of course, do not forget to indicate the languages ​​you speak, and for what purpose (except directly to the game), you enter into a clan: to communicate, to be able to participate in the Working Capital battles and so on.When you have finished a private matter, you can go to the "military enlistment office" and there to see what clan you will be offered in accordance with the fact that you have indicated in your personnel file.And of the options you can make the right choice.Of course, no you do not hurry.And if none of the clans you do not like - you can wait until other options appear, which will also meet your requirements.If they do not show up - you may want to slightly modify their demands, so they were not as stringent.