What gear?

No mechanical engine can not function without a gear unit.It is from this part depends on the performance of a machine or device.How to correctly determine what gear?

rotational mechanism

gearbox - is, above all, the mechanism that converts and transmits torque to the frequency of other devices and tools.It is an interface between the rotary device of internal combustion engine or the electric motor to the final working units.The main characterizing its performance - is the number of masters and rotary shafts, efficiency and transmit power.In this mechanism, a rotating device are fixedly mounted gears or worm, by which is transmitted and regulated by the movement from one to another.At the opening of the body are the bearings on which there are trees.

We briefly considered that such gear.And now we know what they are.

Classification devices

today apply such types of gearboxes:

- cylindrical with a high efficiency and able to withstand heavy loads;

- bevel gear;

- cone-cylinder used in the engines of an orthogonal arrangement of low-speed and high-speed shafts;

- planetary gear used in the arrangement of the engine and the working unit and characterized by high transmission ratio, as well as compact size and ease;

- reducer for the gas cylinder for regulating the pressure of gas (oxygen, propane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, the gas mixture), which comes from the closed vessel or directly from a gas pipeline.


What gear?It is an indispensable and zealous assistant in all spheres of human activity.

Application gear in the industry is extensive.What gear?This rotational transmitting part in a variety of machine tools.Here, these mechanisms are used as the rotational speed increase.

A car gearboxes gears are used, on the contrary, to reduce engine speed.From properly tuned their adjustment depends on the softness and smooth running of transport.

in electrical equipment and appliances, within which there are electric motors, are also used, these are very important reducing and regulating the circulation device.It is impossible to imagine without these mechanisms, design mixers, food processors, washing machines, Bulgarians, drills.

Gearboxes are a necessary and indispensable part of the pumping systems, sewage treatment plants, ventilating equipment.They are used to maintain an optimum gas pressure in the gas-flame soldering machine, cutting, welding, and other treatments.

gas production industry also can not do without gears.For storage and transport of gases of explosives - it rather troublesome.Then rotational mechanism comes to the rescue.With its use, you can block access to gas, or vice versa, open it out, by adjusting the pressure.

example, gas coming from the distributor pipeline goes under very high pressure, which needs to be lowered.Using the network to provide automatic gearbox can maintain a predetermined pressure in the operating mode.

In the pharmaceutical and food industries also apply similar pressure relief valves required to maintain a constant pressure and adjust to oxygen tanks, devices for measuring blood pressure, cooking, blend tanks, cylinders for the storage of gas mixtures.