Private companies: the essence and the basic principles of the organization of their activities

This form of the activity at the Russian businessmen is quite common.However, the closed joint stock company (JSC) is less popular than the Company.Furthermore legal, and there are economic differences.According to current applicable legislation, the closed joint-stock companies require more effort at legal support than the Company.This fact accordingly increases the financial cost.This is because the closed joint-stock companies have the register of shareholders and are obliged to maintain.Also, these companies there is a need of conducting registration of shares, any shareholder of the shares can only be sold.

forms the authorized capital of the Company, based on the nominal value of its shares acquired by shareholders.Private companies Moscow should provide the authorized capital in the amount of 10 thousand rubles (at least), which is submitted in the form of money by opening a savings account in the bank, and the introduction of a property or property rights, which have a certain monetary value.Any of the forms of payment for the shares shall be determined by the relevant agreement with the creation of a society.Charter companies may stipulate restrictions on certain types of property used as payment for shares.At the same time we must remember the need to assess the property contributed in kind to the share capital.This assessment is made by experts - an independent appraiser.

Private companies are created in order to maximize profit margins.For that, they are allowed to engage in the current legislation stipulated in the law itself activities.However, some activities need to obtain special permits (licenses or patents).Term functioning of society has no restrictions, unless otherwise stipulated in the Charter.

Private companies have the highest governing body, known as the General Meeting.His exclusive competence regulated by the relevant laws of the Russian Federation.At the same time according to the General Meeting may not consider and adopt decisions on matters which do not fall within its competence.

current operations manual provides executive body, which is represented as the individual and as a collective (for example, a single person - the Director-General in the first case or the board of directors - in the second).Moreover, any executive body accountable to the General Assembly.

In order to control the financial and economic activity of the company by the general meeting should be formed Audit Commission JSC, whose members can not simultaneously hold other positions in the management bodies of the company or be a member of the Board of Directors.Those shares that are owned by members of the Board of Directors can not participate in the election of members of the Audit Commission.