Passive voice: occurrences

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For many people, learning English, the passive voice (passive) is very difficult to understand structure.Despite the fact that the Russian language there is also a similar form, for example, results will be announced tomorrow or report was commissioned last , the use of the grammatical structure in a foreign language often causes difficulties.In the native language we are using various forms of unconsciously, using inborn sense of intuition.Fortunately, considering the English passive voice, you can also give specific uses of paint and form of education.But above all, we should understand what is this structure.

Category collateral, active or passive, indicates whether the subject performs an action or an action takes place regardless of the presence of the subject in a sentence, for example, Alex performed a stunning presentation at the meeting yesterday .In this situation, the subject is important - Alex , committed action.The proposal A stunning presentation was performed at the meeting yesterday

person who committed the action, there is no - it is important to the action itself.

So, the passive voice - formal occurrences:

1. If you do not know who committed the action.
They were robbed yesterday.Yesterday they robbed .No one knows who did it, we can only assume: Somebody robbed them yesterday .In general, if the active voice the subject can be represented by a word somebody , it is better to use the passive voice.

2. If it does not matter who committed the act or the subject can be represented by an uncertain group of people.
An earthquake is measured on the Richter scale . earthquake measured on the Richter scale .Of course, we can assume that the seismologists, experts or scientists alter the force earthquake on the Richter scale, but in this situation it does not matter - it does not matter who measures the important fact of the measurement.

3. If we need to pass the official information, for example, in the news.
The criminal was caught yesterday .In this situation, a form of passive voice equivalent to the active form.Even if we know that the police catch the criminals The police caught the criminal yesterday , in the proposal is appropriate to use versatile as its use gives the suggestion of formality.

addition to formal occasions use this design, we can mention the more specific situations where appropriate to use the passive voice.Examples of such situations include cases where it is known exactly who committed the action, but you do not want to mention names.

For example, in the case of the spread of unofficial information, gossip, imagine a situation at work - Anna told me that Mr Smith is going to fire Jack .To present the information in a passive, you can get a good offer in terms of tact and delicacy, without putting at a disadvantage people share this data: I was told that Jack is going to be fired soon .

Using this structure is common among children who do not want to admit your faults and prefer to use a form of type Look, the vase has been broken or All sweets have been eaten instead I have broken the vase and I have eatenall sweets .In addition, the passive voice is appropriate to use in the text of the business, political, scientific and technological content.To formalize its use in business letters, reports, regulations, articles, etc.Also, the use of passive rpasprostraneno in news journals and popular science magazines.