How soon will show activity of the Sun?

The environment has changed markedly since the end of the XIX century humanity regularly tests the strength of nature.In search of greater comfort people buried in the pristine purity of the Earth under the mud technology companies.However, not only people - the originator of the planetary ills.From time to time people violates the unnatural quiet solar activity.Especially clearly these changes feel people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.At this time, more and more cases of heart attacks and strokes.

Scientists do not cease to study the Sun, activity on the surface and the composition of the stars in general.During this process, the experts came to the conclusion that in the next eleven years solar activity and will decrease the abnormally weak.However, some scientists believe that the new series of explosions on the surface of the star may not start.This opinion was voiced during a meeting of employees of the department for the study of the Sun and its activity of the American Astronomical Society.

Experts came to the conclusion that every eleven years, the density of the light changes in the smaller side.Astronomers were able to create patterns of behavior of the sun and learned to predict its activity.

American Institute specialists studied the motion of the plasma inside the rock star.Moving plasma, extending from east to west, entails a distortion of the magnetic field, so the lights are formed on the surface stains that are clearly visible from Earth.Scientists do not notice any change in the composition of the plasma, however, each new explosion on the Sun generates them.It is believed that the subsequent activity of the light will be relatively weak and will not be shown, as in previous years.

If solar activity still increases, only from 2021 to 2022.It's much later than expected.However, other experts studying the surface of the star, came to the conclusion that in the thirteen years of monitoring the intensity of bombings in the world declined.This was revealed by the study of the dynamics of development and the appearance of spots on the sun's surface.

total number of active cycles is 24th, with reduced intensity scale explosions only during the 23th and 24th cycles.Therefore, there is the view that the weak solar activity can cause that the 25th cycle may not occur.

Sun Learning conducted by several groups of scientists.Some are of the opinion that the 25th cycle yet come, but after a long delay.Analyzing the outer part of the planet, the researchers have produced estimates of the magnetic field of the star.According to them, a new burst of solar activity should occur on its surface in the 70 th parallel.It is expected that it will move towards the equator.Thus, the magnetic field of the previous cycle will shift by 85 degrees.

Not all astronomers agree with this statement, as to give an accurate prediction of how the activity will occur on the surface of the Sun, is now impossible.Modern analysis model does not allow accurate calculations, because the current, 24 th cycle was expected earlier, but the prediction did not come true scientists.He came not only after, but also proved to be quite weak.