How to increase breast without surgery: the best known methods

Such an operation as mammoplasty, is available today is not for every woman.But almost all the ladies dream of the perfect bust.That has to those who have no money for expensive surgery, experiment with different homegrown methods that promise an increase in size.How can you not going to the clinic to increase breast?At home, make it impossible, although this and come up with different means and practices.But rather, they belong to the field of myths, nothing more than wasted time, effort and money can not promise.Well, if so, but there is still some health and able to spoil.However, for many women the question of how to enlarge breasts without surgery is urgent.


These include creams, serums, gels and other ointments.The cost of some of them at times approaching the cost of the operation, except that the effect is questionable.They all contain different active ingredients, called by some clever way to increase breast.Instead, it's just a little swollen, and the effect is kept as long as the lady enjoys cream.Manufacturers write that all funds are completely safe, but the breast is better not to joke, so you should think twice before doing something on it to smear.

power load

It is the most popular way of how to increase breast without surgery.Exercises with dumbbells, push-ups, crushing, and other things, perhaps able to pull up slightly sagging breast after feeding the baby or drastic weight loss.But wait, that they will give the size of the third instead of the first - just a utopia, even if the train till you drop.The most that should be calculated - it is well-being and improved health, because this sport for and need.


favorite here on the question of how to enlarge breasts without surgery - it is all on edge nabivshaya cabbage.Where went the myth that it can somehow affect the amount is not known, but many women still believe in it.We can assume that increased serving of cabbage on the menu girls puberty really contribute to the growth of the mammary glands, but it will work on a 30-year-old woman - from the world of fiction.Besides cabbage - it's pretty hard to stomach the product, so you can still get indigestion.

oral agents

These include dietary supplements, pills, medications or special food.Typically, they are united by the presence of the estrogen effect on the growth of the mammary glands.Compared with the previous means, maybe it will replace an operation such as mammoplasty.Reviews, however, of such preparations are mostly negative: there are negative side effects, which leads to the violation of the thyroid gland, and this depression, drowsiness, fatigue, weight gain and damaged metabolism.

mental impact

Here is an original way of how to increase breast without surgery.It consists in the fact that the power of thought or visualization during meditation, to "make" his bust of the desired shape and size.Authors techniques say that mental attitudes penetrate the subconscious, which will program the body to increase milk zhelez.Meditatsii very well relax and sometimes it is so useful!But the lack of results could lead to disappointment and regret the time spent.

shaping lingerie

's exclusive visual effect and is suitable for meetings, interviews, or go out.Today, lingerie is very popular and works as a push up, ie,Breast lifts and shifts together, which gives the effect of a high fat bust.