Earnings in the Internet easily and Prosto.foreks

Hello everyone!My name is Maria.I would like to tell you everything I know about earning money online.And I know quite a lot.To begin with how she went to a high monthly income, and I went to this for a long time, he has done a very difficult path.In 2008, I gave birth to a child, she lived all alone with a small crumb on his hands.Our country receives from 2180r.monthly ... that they actually lived, of course, categorically not enough money, to borrow, to ask parents.It was very difficult, and most importantly - a shame!I think any young, single mom will understand me!It appealed to the Employment Center, in the hope that they would find me a suitable job part-time.But I still did not offer, but to gather a bunch of certificates and bring them, though they really have not answered why should they help the (nonsense, is not it?).Then come home and sat down at the computer and started to look for all possible ways to earn money on the internet, I was interested in the earnings, which did not have to put their money (since they were not).I read various articles, recorded and tried all sorts of sites, and then said to myself that it was impossible to make money online.He spat on the internet and got a job at a junior kindergarten teacher.Oh, yeah .. of course a super job of work, and the main board so that the difference was not particularly evident, I was sitting at home or work.Spent only 1.5 months paid 3400r .. Well, that one wonders why?Get Rich?No!She returned again to the Internet.First held surveys, performed all sorts of jobs.In general, I had about 40 different sites where I was trying to run anything to get the result well and accordingly the money.Of these 40 sites, paid me only 8. Experience - is a word that people call their mistakes ... your time will not return, and these errors can not be corrected.Everywhere heard about forex ... This is the forex, like a splinter in one place.But since it anywhere as advertised, I decided to try.Sign up and tried a demo account.Then within a month I kept ringing some super consultant, whether with the Netherlands, whether from the North Pole.Oh, what beautiful words he spoke, and above all in Russian without an accent.He said that he would help me get rich, but to do that I have to throw at his own expense at least $ 500, and then I will be on-line help, all support.I so enjoyed talking to him that I did not throw any money, and generally forgotten in what is the site I opened the same demo account.When he called, I tried to ask stupid questions (the most was certainly embarrassing, but funny), he had no choice but to do as I answer them as our conversation someone there he listened to =) In general, a month later, he stoppedcall me.I started looking for various information about the forex, so you can earn, but not to work.Feel the difference.DC can and could always manipulate quotations and all sorts of requotes.But can anyone still doubt and wants to take a chance to beat the one to beat in principle impossible.Let me explain what DC is dealing centers.So you can earn, but a maximum of three times.If someone can argue with me now, then I am happy to answer all your comments.I'm not saying that it is not possible to weld, in any case.Who wants to - try.But if time Navara, just finish, then you will find a whirlpool, and this is not pleasant colors ... what's there you'll be a great discomfort.Currently my way of earning internete- an investment.But here we must be careful, especially if you invest a large sum of money.Who are interested in exactly those sites that I earn, I will write in a personal conversation.And now see where and how much you can earn:

1: Program Ā«RublikĀ» - Download software, launched and dropped a dime.Money can bring to your account in WebMoney.But you may miss out on your favorite computer.

2: anketki, questionnaires, etc.- Go to the site, sign up, you receive a letter with all kinds of surveys that you have to go ... Come on, answer the questions and get the same penny, which is not at all sites more and pay.

3: Videooprosniki - all nonsense.Do you offer a view 3-4 video for which you are promised 15 to 50 rubles.These video views rises, they become more and more popular thanks to you.But you get nothing.Again we wasted your time.

4: high-yield investment program -obeschayut high percentage.The greater the interest promised, the higher the percentage of your risk.He usually varying between 40 to 95%.You can take a chance, if you have free money and you will not be sorry to lose them.

5: All sorts of companies that twist your money invested in the stock market or the same forex, getting a percentage of course small, but you get.Incidentally, such a company should be chosen with care.

6: the forex cast your your money, you try to make yourself.Good luck in your endeavors.Forex, as well as the casino, earn only the organizers of the game.Ask why?- But because the whole game system is so arranged.DC fetus would in such an amount if it was not profitable for them?Since the money will not DC output, and all the money spinning in their office (for the real yield on real forex trader need millions of private dollars), the forex it is this particular DC with whom you work.Think about it - even one successful trader can take all the money from DC!If a trader is constantly and steadily take the profit, the more it's only math and the time when the money in the accounts at the DC end.But ... this is not happening.DC grow, develop, opening new offices and affiliates invest big money in advertising.From which it follows that in the medium term, 100% of customers merge their scheta.Rukovodstvo DC DC pays salaries to managers, and they post on the forex forums kindle interest, catch new victims.Do you want to be their next victim?

And that's not all.But I think that is enough.For example, I currently earn a 4 or 5 point.Once he risked and took at that time a large sum of money, tried to invest.After 2 months the money and gave the starting capital still remained.All other options are not interesting to me already.I am waiting for your comments.I hope that at least someone will support me.