Potato: methods, especially withdrawal

Potatoes are one and the most popular crops grown vacationers and villagers.He is rightly called a second bread, while the number of dishes that can be prepared from potatoes, a variety.To this culture, people are accustomed to such an extent that even do not consider it necessary to give it proper care.It is as planted in furrows dripped earth once weeded, to hill, and all wait for the harvest.Yet, potatoes - very demanding vegetable, and if it is not to care, then gather a good harvest will fail.

Farming potato cultivation today is quite diverse.Years of research allow to breed new varieties that will grow well in a variety of climatic conditions.Also invented and new, often even original ways of cultivation.

Growing potatoes begins with the preparation of the earth.In the fall of allotted land and make necessary perekapat rotted manure.In the spring, dig over the ground is not necessary, it is enough just to loosen or prokultivirovat Experienced growers know that to start planting potatoes may be at the time when the birch trees begin to blossom buds.

Now we have to decide on how to be organized cultivation of potatoes.Type of planting depends on the area and provided the Cottagers on the amount of crop that would like to get.In the old it can be done under the shovel, and if the site is large, as a rule, potatoes are planted in furrows that accelerates the tractor.But there's much more interesting ways: landing in a barrel, and a straw.In the first case, the potatoes are planted in the bottom of the barrel in which the growth of foliage to pour the land until, until the barrel is completely full.In the second case, the potato is laid out on neperekopanny land, and on top is placed in several layers of straw.Periodically, you must enclose the straw.These methods are rarely used, and still use them cottagers even manage to get a very good harvest.Growing potatoes from seeds - another good way.Its main advantage is that it allows to harvest much earlier than in any other methods of planting.The seeds are grown seedlings, which was later planted in open ground.

Whichever method is chosen, the potatoes still need to surround care.Potato zatormozhivaetsya significantly, and in some cases reduced to zero, there is a lack of light, heat, moisture and nutrients.To potatoes shortage of light and heat, for planting should be selected exposed areas that do not shade trees and outbuildings.Not all growers know and what potatoes several times per season should be watered, especially when the rare rains.Scientists have even proved that the formation of one kilogram of potatoes, the plant must "drink" almost 100 liters of water (and this is only one plant).Of course, to achieve such a result is not so simple, so you just need to water the planting of their ability.As a rule, the season is necessary to carry out three watering: one during the growth of greenery, the second - during the formation of flower buds and the third - when to start flowering potatoes.

Potato impossible without hilling plants, which is beneficial to the growth of the green mass and increased yield.Hilling should be done three times per season: at the height of the plants 20-25 cm, and the next as long as the leaves are not well decomposed.And another important point - a weed and pest control.Weed potatoes needed as long as it does not close its leaves space.The main pest of potatoes - Colorado beetles.Fortunately, today you can get rid of them by using special chemicals or resorting to the help of traditional methods.