Growing strawberries on Dutch technology - the key to a rich harvest

Growing strawberries all year is quite feasible - fresh berries with proper care will appear on your table every day.This culture in our country is the most widespread, easily adaptable to a variety of climatic conditions.Strawberry begins to bear fruit earlier than many other crops, it gives a big crop in a relatively short period of time.In addition, strawberries are incredibly tasty, may be subject to various types of processing, which improves their taste, and the first fruits of culture, according to many gardeners to have medicinal qualities.

Thus, the benefits of year-round cultivation of strawberries - a lot, and that is why today in the most advanced agronomic point of view of Western countries, strawberry plantations remain the largest and most prosperous.Through the development of foreign experts in our country, it is now possible to grow strawberries on Dutch technology.

If you are interested in this technique, you should try to realize his life.Strawberry thus planted in greenhouses - plastic bags, more than half filled with a mixture of land and fertilizer.It should be noted that this technology, although very effective in its simplicity, the Russian market is of little interest, which allows professionals just starting "strawberry business" to achieve good results with virtually no competition.

Growing strawberries on Dutch technology will not be difficult for those who already have some experience in horticultural works.First, we should choose the suitable premises - and this is the easiest step, as as an accommodation suitable greenhouse greenhouse, garage, which rarely are allocated a room in an apartment or even a common balcony.Then you have to deal directly with the ground - in a future greenhouse need to put the boxes with fertilized soil.You also need irrigation system construction diagram which can be found in books or on the Internet, the lamp for extra lighting and proper strawberries - a classic, curly or remontant.Some foreign and domestic experts, recommending the cultivation of strawberries on the Dutch technologies offer to use as a container for ground use bags - thanks to the compactness they placed in a small area, and the productivity of berries in them will be as high as in the boxes.

bags in the room to grow is necessary to put a short distance from each other, and if space allows, it is best to place them in multiple tiers.Content required for proper growth of strawberries, must consist, as has been said, a mixture of land and fertilizer (it is best to use a mixture of perlite and peat).When everything is ready, bags can be planted seedlings regularly moisturizing it.After this will only maintain the optimum temperature, do not forget to water the berries growing up and the opportunity to enjoy all year round to submit to their table, which can not be achieved, the cultivation of strawberries in the open field.

recommended way - growing strawberries on Dutch technology - brings good results, if the one who does it, adheres to all rules of content and use of seedlings of the berries.As the results of the activities of foreign growers, at sufficiently small investment of labor per square meter greenhouse, you can get about 30-40 kilograms of fresh and tasty strawberries.