Squash - is a common culture in our latitudes.They are unpretentious to the growing conditions, with have a high fertility.If you are just starting their way in the cultivation of vegetables, then first of all try to breed on their summer cottage zucchini, cultivation and care that does not require much effort.It should be noted that squash can be planted directly into the ground, either initially germinated seedlings, which will allow for a few weeks before to get the first harvest.

zucchini Growing in the open field

Planting seeds in the soil is carried out in late April, early May.In principle, we should start from the natural environment, if there are still frozen, then you should not rush to planting.Be prepared soil: perekapayte it and carefully loosen.If you want to make it compost and humus.Notice how many crop you need to get.If you are going to feed the squash family only, it is enough to plant 5-6 seeds that will bring you a moderate amount of fruit.But if your plans are more ambitious, for example, you want to feed domestic animals zucchini or sell, then planted in large quantities.Although, no matter how much you do not put the question of where to put the whole crop, still rise.

2-3 days before planting, soak the seeds in water, after putting them in a gauze bag.When the soil is ready, seedlings seeds at a distance of 70-80 cm from each other.Pour the flower bed, and then nestle her film.This will warm the earth better.The film may be replaced with plastic bottles, whose neck is cut off.They need to cover every hole.Incidentally, this cover will protect from frost planting that may inadvertently appear suddenly.When will the shoots, film and bottles can be removed.If the nights are still very cold, then at that time of day should leave the shelter.Further care is reduced to the timely weeding and moderate (if necessary) watering.As you can see, there is nothing difficult to breed on the site zucchini.Cultivation and care for them is minimal, but the harvest will be good.

Growing sprouts squash

If you want to harvest in earlier terms, it is necessary to begin to grow zucchini seedlings.The easiest way to do it in the apartment, but if you can, the best thing in the greenhouse.It should be noted that the seedling squash, as well as other Cucurbitaceae family, survives with difficulty, so it's best to grow it in peat cups or ordinary plastic cups that have no bottom.In each glass plant 1-2 seeds and put in a warm place (on the sill).Seedlings watered as the drying of the earth, but only warm water.Calculating roughly: 1 liter of water 8-9 cups.Seedlings need to feed twice: the first time in a week after emergence, and the second - a week later.

In the open ground seedlings are planted without Lifted out of cups.A glass with a plant submerged 2-3 cm below ground level, then good soil is pressed.While the seedlings had not yet taken root, it should hide the tape or plastic bottles.Because of seedlings, you will be able to gather much earlier zucchini.Cultivation and Maintenance seedlings, planted in soil, as described above.

Now think about how you will use the zucchini.Cultivation and care have played the trick, now remains important.First, some types of courgettes delicious eaten raw.Also, this vegetable can be fried, stew, make him a seamer for the winter.Adults and fresh fruit squash can be stored in a cool place almost to the winter, and sometimes longer.And, of course, the zucchini can be sold, especially if they are young and not overripe.