How to repair balconies with their hands

Having owned an apartment with a balcony, you can increase its usable area.To do this, make repairs balconies.His hands, or with the involvement of all the work will be carried out, does not really matter.The most important thing - to get extra comfortable room.

Most of us turn a balcony into a kind of closet storage sometimes completely unnecessary things.Before making repairs balconies with their hands to loop through all of their "wealth" and get rid of them.Lonely ski, cans with the remnants of paint, and various parts of the bike let perekochuyut garage.Do not clutter up the space of the apartment.There is nothing better than a comfortable accommodation, where everything is left to chance and is in place.

Repair of the loggia's start with the free space and assessment of the balcony slabs and fences.If you see a crack on the floor, it is necessary to strengthen the surface.To do this, clean the surface of the plate from debris and dust, removing the water-repellent coating.Make a shallow notch and drench with water.

Prepare screed of cement and sand in a ratio of 1: 3.Cover the plate with a solution of the entire surface, making small inclination to the outer edge of the balcony.Sprinkle dry cement and smooth plaster spatula.Allow the coating to dry thoroughly.

Take reinforcing mesh with small cross-section and thick steel bar not less than five millimeters and lay it on the floor of the balcony.At the intersections of the grid with fencing, connect them by welding or wire.Pour the screed surface.Its thickness should be twice the height of the grid.We align the floor surface and leave until completely hardened.Within three days you can not go out to the balcony.

next stage will be glazed loggias.This type of work is best left to professionals.You can choose PVC windows and aluminum profiles.It all depends on the future use of the balcony.If you want to turn it into a summer residence, it is fine aluminum.And if you decide to make a extra room, you just can not do without plastic windows.The companies involved in the balcony glazing, can also be ordered outer skin panels.

Now we can carry out internal repairs balconies with their hands.All exterior walls balcony covered with a layer of mineral wool.The thickness of the mat should be about 7 centimeters.Top anchoring moisture barrier.And only after that you can start the interior paneling of the walls.As a finishing material perfect plastic panels, MDF, chipboard or Lining.The wall that separates the apartment and a balcony, just sheathe finishing material.

be renovating balconies with their hands, with particular attention to the finishing floor.In choosing the material necessary to remember Bad weighting balcony slab.Therefore, a ceramic tile is best abandoned.For summer use the balcony as a suitable linoleum flooring laid directly on the plate.

But if you are doing from the balcony of another room, you have to hold insulated with mineral wool and then coated boards or DSP.Excellent choice - electric or water heated floors.On the balcony they would be most welcome.

sure to take care of the lighting.You can make one or more central light side, placing them in different corners of the balcony.Additional electrical outlets are brought out to the balcony wall, it is also very useful to you.

Finish balconies with their hands over.Now it is necessary to arrange a balcony with necessary furniture, decorate with flowers and decorative curtains hang.