How to install the hitch your hands?

autotravel distant lovers and just the owners of country cottages have long appreciated the benefits of using the trailer.This device allows the driver to carry everything that does not fit into the cabin, also without damaging the car (in the case when it is required to deliver the slate or bricks to the construction site).If you too are interested in buying a trailer, you know that in addition to this you have to buy him a special trailer coupling mechanism (in simple words - hitch).And if you buy this product can be without problems, but with its installation you may have nuances.In today's article, we will tell you how to install the hitch their own hands.

Where to start?

First, we need to drive away the car on a viewing hole.So it will be much easier to install hitch their own hands.Once our car was on the lookout hole, open the hood and remove the negative terminal from the battery.So we turn off all the electronics in the car, then did not have to short-circuit when connecting additional w

ires.Now extract all the contents of the trunk outward and remove the trim.The last stage is when you are installing tow bars for cars or SUVs.

installation process

At this point, you can safely tie detail on the future of the place.Before this fix should hitch your hands with a clamp and drill holes for the holes.If necessary, you can mark these places.Next, take the drill and drill the necessary holes.The diameter of the drill should be 12.5 mm.Further, the formed hole and install the nuts firmly twirl design.However, this installation process is not yet finished.The next step is drilling two holes near the trunk (where we took the upholstery) and the bottom of the spar.Then insert the bolts to pre-putting to them a special reinforcement plate and washer.Next, take up open-end wrench to 17-19 mm (depending on type tow bar) and twists all the way.Now we proceed to the final stage - the connection sockets turnbuckle.To do this, we make a hole in the bottom of the luggage compartment.Before it carefully reconsider all marked places for anchorage.Be sure to tag where you will drill the hole.Then fasten the socket on the towbar and draw all the necessary cables for brake lights and tail lights.Pay close attention to the colors of the compounds.The wires should not be confusing.

Conclusion Now that you know how to set turnbuckles for SUVs and passenger cars.The process is completed.Now boldly clings to the trailer and hit the road.


If you want to be sure of its safety, never do turnbuckle with his hands.Why is that?The fact that their design often can not withstand the strains that carried the 500-pound trailer at a speed of 60-80 kilometers per hour.Do not stand nuts and sometimes welds.So do not regret spending a little more money and buy a factory device designed by professional engineers and designers.