What is a biennial plants?

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Among herbaceous, edible root and tuber plants and flowers, annuals and perennials have, and there are biennials.

How to distinguish

From the title it is clear that the first life cycle takes place in a single summer - germination, growth, flowering and fruiting.Biennial flowers and plants - their nature a bit.In the first year they grow their roots, short stem and leaves.By winter, the leaves wither them, dropping to the ground, along with the stem.And perennial plants remain for the winter (on the ground or in a store) - they need exposure to cold, without this they will not bloom for another second of their lives, summer.In the spring of biennials throw more powerful trunk and abundant leaves, flowers are spread (or form tubers, fruits).After flowering the seeds ripen in them, after which the plants die.That's what a biennial plants.Examples of long-term are more numerous - a plant to settle in the land a long time, every summer flowering, remain to winter in the ground, of course, under favorable conditions for this.

Examples of annual, biennial and perennial plants

First go into the garden.What can I grow annuals from?First of all - potatoes, radishes, tomatoes, peppers (sweet and bitter), cucumber, Savoy cabbage and Beijing, watermelon, melon, pumpkin (own pumpkin and its "relatives" - kruknek, zucchini, squash), eggplant, beans, peas,soy, corn, sunflower, cape gooseberry, rape, borage, anise, basil, hyssop, coriander, dill, fennel, savory, chervil, purslane, salads (including watercress), spinach, mustard greens, marjoram.For all of the plant life starts with sowing seeds in the spring and ends in the fall harvest in the form of tubers, roots, seeds, giving rise to the life of their fellows in the next season.

Examples of biennial plants: cabbage (reddish, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, collard, kohlrabi).From onion - leeks and shallots.Root biennial plants - examples are: carrots, rutabaga, turnips, radish (white and black), beets, parsley, celery, parsnips.Sheet - parsley and celery - also dvuletki.Less known, but valuable biennial plants grown examples: chard (leaf beet), ordinary chicory salad tsikornogo, scorzonera (chernokoren), oat root, shallots.From pryanoaromatnyh refers to the biennial caraway.

Many years are Jerusalem artichokes, sorrel, onion family (well-known Welsh, Slizunov little-known, multi-tiered and chives), rhubarb, horseradish, artichokes, asparagus, stahis.Pryanoaromatnye: tarragon (also tarragon), lovage, thyme, lemon balm, mint.

Where attributed onion

Let's face it.First, the first seeds of the season, which people called Chernushka.By the autumn of getting seyanku - small bulbs.Of these, the next, the second summer, grow large onions - a real onions, without which a small meal costs.In the third season, you need to plant a bulb and wait on her first bloom, and then the seeds - black cumin.It turns out, according to the rules, onion - 3 years hence, many years.

Flowering biennial plants

The following are examples of biennials that are loved by many and so well-known.

Sweet William - Dutch the most beautiful varieties of colors - bright, large, velvety and high.Loves a sunny spot and rich in humus.Intolerant to stagnation of moisture.Spectacular large lush groups.They should be protected from freezing, falling asleep under a layer of sawdust winter.

Campanula medium - bloomer extraordinary, enchanting beauty.Pyramid-shaped bush height 0.5 - 0.9 m, with large double flowers of blue, purple, pink and white color.She loves the sun, water should be at the root.Afraid of the wind - need support.

Daisy - spring beauty, light-requiring, and cold-resistant baby (up to 10 cm in height).With early planting will try blooming in the first year, but abundant blooms after winter - provides 20 - 30 inflorescences at the same time.The colors white, pink, red, burgundy.It prefers loose soil nutrient.

Nezabudka - unpretentious blue-eyed wonder of early spring.Height 20 cm. Good for the neighborhood with tulips, daffodils, pansies, primrose.Rich blooms in a cool place with a lacy shadows.Decorates the garden and bouquets.

Viola - pansies.Without them, the flower is boring.Abundantly flowering, curious, all kinds of colors.Selection and hybridization have done their job, making a small flower meadow in a miracle.

sweet berries

Do shrubs in our gardens - biennial plants?Examples - raspberries.Propagated root suckers it that are planted in spring or autumn.In the first year shoots grow back, and the next year, give the harvest.