Harmful if night snacks?

Midnight snacks can hurt your waistline.Breakfast, lunch and dinner will benefit the body.

research results consistently indicate that people who eat late at night, weigh more than those who take the food for the day.For example, according to one 2007 study, people who eat most of his daily ration for the night, have a higher body mass index than people who eat early in the day.Participants take food during the period from eleven at night until five in the morning, gained greater weight than those who abstained from eating at this time.

But what is so special is happening at night, our body begins to store fat more active?

after ten in the evening there is nothing good

results of years of research indicate that the value has only the total number of calories consumed per day.Doctors suggest that this is precisely the problem: at night people rarely cook chicken or salad, they eat ice cream or chips, that is, foods that are high in fat or sugar that our body so successfully accumulates as fat.

Indeed, the night eaters consume 12% more calories than those who ate during the day.

After eating foods high in fat or sugar, you go to bed with a high level of blood sugar.Irrespective of the time they are deposited in the organism, later blood sugar drops, but increases the weight - the body quickly stores excess sugar in the form of fat, as explained nutritionists.Since the body uses less sugar as fuel when you are just lying in bed, then, accordingly, more sugar is sent to fat cells.

Change your mode

Typically, problems with night eating stretch far into the past, when a person has opted for the use of food before bedtime.

Animal studies have shown that meal before going to sleep can lead to weight gain, even if you have not exceeded the daily norm of calories.The researchers argue that this is because the night meal can disrupt the body's circadian rhythms.

example, insulin - the hormone responsible for the supply of sugar in the body's cells as a fuel - works according to your circadian clock.So at night (when the body thinks you need to sleep), the body's cells become more resistant to this hormone.This means that the use of large amounts of food at night can cause an increase in blood sugar levels and, over time, the accumulation of body fat, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Moreover, the use of food just before bedtime can disrupt your sleep, inevitably making it difficult morning awakening.

Eating late at night, especially in large amounts, increases the risk of heartburn.Esophageal Reflux usually occurs when we lie down immediately after meals, allowing stomach contents into the esophagus, causing discomfort and affects sleep, doctors explain.

patients with metabolic disorders (usually obese people) and eat food high in carbohydrates before going to bed, the blood sugar level changes dramatically throughout the night."This hypoglycemia wakes people and does not allow to fall asleep after disrupting normal sleep."

After a poor night's sleep, the level of hormones that cause hunger increases and hormones, blunts appetite, decreases.The human body becomes resistant to the effects of insulin, increases the risk of fat accumulation, obesity and type 2 diabetes.Therefore, people often miss sleep, suffer from weight gain and obesity.

Eat at night

generally recommended to stop taking the food for about 1.5 - 2 hours before bedtime to allow the body to absorb it.As we digest food better when we are in a vertical position, this will allow our body to really relax and recover during sleep.

But even if the window is already late at night, and one is hungry, he should eat.It is important to listen to the signals your body at any time.If you are going to go hungry, then in lowering the blood sugar level, intense cravings and excessive pleasure from eating when you finally afford it.

If that's you, then overpower the desire to reach for foods high in fat and sugar, make a choice in favor of a healthy, protein-rich snack.In this case, the probability of raising blood sugar levels and a rapid fall in the early morning hours is very low.Doctors recommend for this snack almonds, low fat cottage cheese and tomatoes, Greek yogurt with cinnamon or vegetables with hummus or guacamole.

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