How to disable the touchpad on a laptop

With the device with the strange name familiar touchpad all owners of laptops and netbooks.It is a capacitive touch panel reacts to touch and movement of her fingers.Trying to influence the sensor in any nonconductive object (wood pencil, paper) will have no effect.Who, in the heyday of touchscreen mobile phone, so no surprise.The panel is located on the front of the housing unit keys.Serves as a kind of replacement for the computer mouse as the touch and movement of the finger relative coordinates are processed by the controller and transmitted to the operating system, which converts them into movement of the cursor pointer.

owners of personal computers often do not understand where does the question of how to disable the touchpad.Like all good - the mouse is not necessary, because everything is always at hand.In fact, that's just the problem - that "everything is at hand."When working with a laptop keyboard inevitable occasional touch of his hand to the touchpad.As a result, the cursor moves on thei

r own, straying and disturbing work.

Sometimes a person just bored to follow this and seek an answer to the question of how to disable the touchpad, the mouse and bought (often wireless), well, the touch panel is sealed with a piece of paper or plastic.The solution, of course, good, but it does not add the convenience of (believe me).It turns out that there are a number of other ways on how to disable the touchpad.Each user can select the appropriate.

One of the most convenient ways to disable the touchpad, implemented in all modern notebook models - using a special key combination.Rather, every owner of a portable computer called attention to the additional symbols on some keys, which are not entirely clear how to use.It's simple: among the keys always have a special, designated Fn.If you press it, and any other with a strange symbol, it will be possible not only to disable the touchpad, but also control the brightness of the screen, adjust the sound, and so on. Usually designations are intuitive and do not cause too many questions.For example, to disable the touch pad, press the Fn + F7 (company Acer).The combination may vary depending on the laptop manufacturer.By the way, to restore functionality of the panel should press the same combination.Important: Disabling the touchpad remain in this position as long as desired, no reinstallation of operating systems and drivers to life will not be returned.If the touch panel does not respond to touch, it's worth it to try to include a combination of the above.

next way how to disable the touchpad consists in making corrective adjustments in the BIOS.Immediately after turning on the notebook you need to press the F1 (again, depending on the manufacturer).In looking for the BIOS string Pointing Device and prohibit the use of the sensor.We save and exit.

You can also disable the software in the system itself.To do this, follow the settings in the control panel and disable the touch pad.This method works if the appropriate driver is installed controller (eg, Synaptics), supports this feature.In addition, the web there are third-party programs, such as Touchfreeze.The drawback - the need to look for something, download and customize.

most radical method - is to disassemble the laptop and physically disable the trail that connects the motherboard and the touchpad.True, there is the complexity of the restart, after dismantling operation is quite complex, and often carry her no one will.Recommend this way can only be achieved when the sensor is faulty and takes part of the resources in vain.