How to cheat a lie detector: expert advice

theme, which we now consider is strong interest among many thousands of readers.I suspect that in a year or two it will also be relevant."How to fool a lie detector?" - The answer to this question is always interested in a certain circle of the curious public.The lovers, who need to be interviewed before being hired professionals who are monitoring for new ways to get around the polygraph, and just casual readers who collect information about everything in the hope "and suddenly come in handy."

Probably worth noting that polygraph testing is increasingly part of our lives.It happens quietly, but I hear about it more and more.For example, when applying for a job at a large bank or corporation that becomes an integral element of the interview.Angels among people of course, but they are extremely rare.The rest of the mortal soul of the collection have large or small sins, for some, this collection consists of masterpieces, which are not intended for a decent audience, there is a category that has a soul is not one or even two of mortal sin.And this is not discouraged.

In other words, there are always people who have something to hide.Do they have a chance in a fight with a polygraph?As far as information about how to fool a lie detector (polygraph) can be useful for those who have something to hide?

Questions, questions, questions ....Let's try to answer them.Once mankind has invented castle - once there were people who wanted (and quite successfully) to open it.Similarly, in the case of a polygraph: since its invention, the struggle between those who are trying to get to the truth, and those who are trying to hide this truth, do not stop for a minute.

a direct question that was posed by the experts in this matter, we got the answer that will please those who suffer little audience."Is it possible to cheat and how to cheat a lie detector?" - The answer was: "Today in our life everything is possible.Success depends only on the qualification. "This, at first glance, vague and ambiguous response contains more truth than all the articles written on this subject on the Internet.

In fact, in most cases, these articles are written by people absolutely far from the subject.Advice like "button in the boot, plus alcohol and sedative before the interview" does not stand up to scrutiny.Any person able to determine a truthful answer or not physiological and emotional reactions of the test object.

Of course, there is a technique which is used for special services in order to circumvent the watchful electronic truth-seekers.However, they are constantly changing and improving, and, worst of all, no one in no hurry to disclose them to the delight of the curious public.

As we have said, innocent people are not ideal (or rather, angels among us very little).The best way to conduct a polygraph test if - to tell the truth.Even if not so (in your view) nice - in front of you there are people who will appreciate your sincerity and clearly say "NO" to your candidacy, seeing children's attempt to hide the obvious lie.

One option for "how to cheat a lie detector" can become polygraph expert help.If you have such an opportunity - Find a good specialist and arrange a consultation.After the theoretical part of the walk a few practical surveys in the course of which you gain some more experience in dealing with this miracle of technology.The probability of success in this case is much higher than from reading hundreds of articles on the subject.

Strange as it may sound, one of the sins is a hoax.To deceive the polygraph without special training - it is also a great folly.Rid yourself of sin and folly, and your life will be better, whether you take a job or not.