What are the main reasons for winning the "red"?

When the country is changing formation, change and look at the past.Moreover, there is the temptation to distort historical facts in favor of the existing ideology.But as you know, facts - are stubborn things.Reasons for the Victory of "red" in the Civil War more than convincing.

leaders of the "white" and "red"

has been suggested that the "Reds" won because we lost, "white".They could not win.It decayed demoralized army, not united by a common idea, perfectly illustrated in the film "Two Lives."And as it is now ennobled no representatives of the White movement, they said Lenin in relation to very different people, "terribly far from the people."

It is regrettable shot, sinking in the icy water of Kolchak, no matter how disgusting red commander, lights at the polynya of the silver case had just shot his human death a white officer was not able to unite and raise to attack troops and drive them to the PacificOcean.And death Chapaev - could.

aversion to their own people

reasons for winning the "red" list, and you can transfer.But the most important of them - it's an ideology.The Bolsheviks managed to convince the masses that they are right, that a brighter future for them.After all, did not go to the Red Army with the aim to enrich themselves and plunder, and was not in her apolitical people or pacifists.People were going to die, at the cost of defending their ideas.Such an army, especially if she was able to organize the work in the rear, to ensure strict discipline, is invincible."White" had nothing to oppose this idea, which best Mayakovsky said: "We have a mouth filled with lead and tin." Renounce! "- Roared, but the burning breath of only three words:" Long live Communism! "And what about the whiteTerror humane tsarist officers. Fill the mouth lead and tin? poured. Hated to gnashing of teeth "trash"? hated. With this outlook do not win.

Facts - very stubborn thing

look for the cause of victory, "red" is not necessary, they can only say, based on the classics: "Nisa did not want to live in the old way." Of course, one of the biggest reasons is the presence of the leader, in this case the leader. We will not touch the person himself, but about what he was for the RedArmy for the entire population of post-revolutionary Russia, the best descendants say photos and documentary footage of Lenin's funeral. Who in the world has since seen off in the last journey? Nobody. Even funerals Bauman, when the whole of Moscow came out in 1905 on the streets - just a hint of sorrowthat gripped the country in the winter of 1924.This can imagine.You can, of course, the people declare, as do "belolentochniki" drunk.It is in this approach to the interests of the overwhelming majority of the population and it is necessary to look for reasons for the victory of "red" in the Civil War, in which, as some say, there are no winners.This view of the problem of space is similar to the argument that each "own" truth.But the truth is - always the same.Despise their own people, considering it a "cattle" bad.

In addition, the White movement had no leader.In "honor" it never will be - they are godlike, it is impossible to find decent.In Russia has always been troubled times, did not appear until the leader, for whom you can or have to go through fire and water.With the advent of the leader Rus flourished.This is one of the answers to the question why won "red".

have "white" had no allies

Moreover, the Entente countries, allegedly helped the White movement, did not do it (in the proper quantities not supplied any arms or supplies).Rather, they discredited the White movement in the eyes of the majority.Help was not in the plans of the invaders, their goal was to undermine Russia or its complete destruction.The more Russian kill each other - the better.Now, a century later, despite all reservations and distortion, we know that by winning the Bolsheviks not only held her, but also built a powerful state that would manage to defeat Hitler, the leader of the nation, who prayed for the Germans.Only one conclusion - the truth was on their side, that's why won "red".

volunteer, but not workable

can talk about that among Whites was no commonality, there were monarchists, supported the interim government, and another "pair of every creature": the anarchists, fists foughtonly a piece of land, which the idea of ​​a "united and indivisible Russia" does not need.

But many nationalists this idea irritated and repelled by the white movement.At the rear of the White Guards had raged a lot of gangs, "green", "black" and other atamans, robbing people and sets it against the authorities, who can not bring order to the territories controlled.Yes, it's reasons for the victory of the Red Army and the defeat of the White movement.But they look rather aggravated.The main thing is that the Whites were not fighting for the great motherland (write a poem about Russia, sing about the golden epaulettes - and like it becomes easier), and fought with the hated "red" in the smelly foot wraps, nibble sunflower seeds.

conquering idea

and the Red Army was already strong, clean and victorious.And the reasons for the victory of the "red" movement, as noted above, in a high and beautiful idea.They fought for their country, which after winning all are equal and happy.In this struggle for a brighter future including all layers of the population, the best representatives of all classes, who could go for the idea and the inconvenience and sacrifices.It was quickly suppressed sabotage of officials, emerging class of Soviet government officials worked the slogan "All for the front, everything for victory."Of course, all the plants have remained in the territory controlled by the Bolsheviks.But they have earned because workers were "red".It is bad when a brother goes to war with his brother, when the country was racked by civil war.Why won "red"?Because the vast majority of the population was against the Bolsheviks, or sympathize with them.