Warning: uniform of the sentence!


According to textbooks on the Russian language for high school course, homogeneous parts of the sentence are characterized as belonging to the same way, responding to the same questions and is a member of the proposal.Some authors also indicate that homogeneous necessarily need to be a part of speech.For the purposes they are equivalent, from each other independent, can be inserted between the Union and the connection.Offer homogeneous members is simple and complex, it is set inside a coordinative or conjunctionless syntactic relations.The speech asyndeton expressed through intonation (special tone transfer), the Allied - intonation and coordinative conjunctions in writing.Examples:

your favorite sweets - cookies, chocolates, pastries with custard (homogeneous with the sentence asyndetic communication).

your favorite sweets - as biscuits and chocolates and cakes with custard (homogeneous members connected by coordinative conjunctions).

Uniform can be any of the sentence - subject, predicate, or one of the minor.Their number is also not limited.They can be part of both simple and complex sentences, and two-part single-composition.

Depending on the type of offer, the homogeneous parts of the sentence differently drawn punctuation marks.

Some explanations and subtleties

• If the proposal is widespread, three-dimensional, it may include two or even three rows of homogeneous members.Therefore, it is important to learn to distinguish, in any homogenous structures of the sentence repeated just joined unions or union with words, but in some - a few rows with homogeneous members connected by rows within the single unions.Examples: foliage and grass in early summer and in the early weeks of autumn juicy and fresh, green and bright (there are three groups of homogeneous members, two to be homogeneous, two homogeneous predicates and two homogeneous circumstances). Light rain sprinkled on the field, and on the edge of the forest, and on a wide strip of river (proposal consists of a number of similar circumstances that relate to the verb « splashed» ).

• One means of homogeneous expressions of the sentence can be idioms.It should be remembered that in turns of phrase all the words are treated as a part of the sentence, no matter what part of speech include: The storm broke suddenly, we were soaked to the skin, froze from the cold chattering teeth (idioms « drenched »,« chattering teeth »verb« froze »are homogeneous predicates).

concept of "uniformity" in the sentence slozhnopodchinёnnom

as homogeneous may be not only single words but whole sentences.This is typical for suggestions to subordinate connection.

Uniform clauses in this case distinguished by commas as well as homogeneous members in a simple sentence.Is taken into account, is there between the subordinate units coordinative unions, repeated or not, what are their values ​​and the number of shades.

1. When the Union uniform coordinative clauses are not connected between them should be filled comma: I remembered how a hot afternoon in the woods sleepy rings midges as lazy and rarely submits the voice of the cuckoo is a breeze, even reluctantly moved from branch to branch.

2. If two paranasal connects the separation or connection Union do not need to put a comma: approach to their home, I noticed that among the lilac bushes at the gate crouched neighbor Vaska and still there hiding completely unfamiliar cat, growling viciously at myred-haired person.

3. If the proposal includes a uniform subordination paranasal parts connected union, the comma in front of him should not be followed.Proposals of this type is required to be distinguished from those in which there is a union « and» , joins another part slozhnopodchinёnnogo proposals for existing: I hope that this will not happen again and that in future you will consult with me in such matters.The train rumbled over the rails, and wagon fan buzzed like an angry bee, and still could be heard drumming on the roof of the evening rain, and ahead of the cloth stretched wide steppes, green meadows, sparkling rivers strip.