Currency borrowers.

Today the Russian economy is in the process of integration into the world economic system.This explains the emergence of the needs of local companies in raising funds in foreign currency.Borrowing in foreign companies is one way to solve this problem.

Who is the borrower?

Borrower is a party to the credit relations, which received a loan and commits to its return on time and pay interest for the period of the loan.

As part of the credit relationship both lender and borrower can serve the same economic entity.If the company will receive a loan at the bank, it will be the borrower and the other party - the lender.But if an organization keeps their money in the bank, they will act in opposite roles.

When a loan this economic entity will be a party in a relationship with the lender.It takes a certain amount of money or other items with a particular identity.Under the agreement, the borrower must return the same amount of money or an equal number of things of the same kind and quality.

If the object of the loan will be performing funds in currencies other state, an economic entity will be the currency the borrower.

In what currency borrowers to raise funds?

aim of attracting foreign currency can be any.However, we should mention the most common ones:

  • payment services, works or intellectual property that are acquired by foreign or domestic companies;
  • payment for the goods, which can also be bought on the international leasing contracts;
  • company at the opening of representative offices abroad;
  • purchase securities that are denominated in the currency of another country;
  • buying property with foreign currency;
  • part in investment activities of foreign companies;
  • for other purposes.

should be noted that in Russia in the domestic companies to obtain a loan in foreign currency is prohibited by law.Services available to authorized foreign currency borrowers financial institutions.They usually charge higher interest rates than ordinary banks.

What expenses expect the currency of the borrower?

use of loans leads to additional costs, which you should know before resorting to this method of obtaining funds.Illiteracy in this matter could lead to negative consequences.Currency borrowers will have the following costs:

  • interest on loans granted to pay creditors;
  • difference in the exchange rate, which is formed by the contract from the date of accrual of interest to their full maturity.

Interest on the loan shall be paid in accordance with the procedure provided for in the contract.If it does not indicate an appropriate time, they should be made to the full refund of every month.When converted unrealized accrued interest expense or income will be the amount of negative or positive exchange rate differences.


Considering this situation, is to provide mortgages.This long-term loan provided by a financial institution or physical entity.At the same time the object of pledge is a mandatory property.It may be the room facilities, as well as residential and industrial buildings.It is worth noting that the currency mortgage borrowers are individuals who provide credit in foreign currency.

The most common application for this mortgage lending in Russia is the acquisition of real estate by citizens in a credit.Basically, the object becomes a pledge to buy housing, but they can be and existing buildings.Property provided by mortgage registered with the relevant bodies, so foreign currency borrowers on mortgages will not be able to sell it to repay the loan without any special handling.

currency loans mortgage

In the current economic situation of the state in the most difficult situation turned out to be exactly the holders of mortgage loans in foreign currency.This is due to the fact that most of these people are paid in rubles, and the cost of monthly payments in dollars or euros has risen almost several times, putting a large number of families on the brink of default.We discuss the following solutions to the problem:

  • fixing certain exchange rates;
  • moratorium on collection of overdue debts;
  • repricing of the loan.

It is worth noting that the final decision had been taken, so foreign currency borrowers on mortgages are making serious action by the state.Monthly loan debtors are increasing, as the citizens are not able to make timely payments on a large scale.Among them may be half of borrowers who borrow in foreign currency.The government should take appropriate measures in respect of the citizens of this category, as the State Duma is preparing to freeze payments.At the same time the Central Bank has offered to help by translating foreign currency borrowers of loans in currencies of other countries in the ruble, focusing on a specific course.However, experts say that the deal with the consequences will have to the citizens who took the credit, did not weigh all the "pros" and "cons".

of currency mortgage borrowers

At the end of last year was formed the all-Russian movement of foreign currency mortgage borrowers.This was due to the sharp devaluation of the ruble, which made it virtually impossible to service this type of loans.This movement has the sole purpose of which is to transfer the balance of loans on acceptable conditions for the citizens, the maximum equalization payments in foreign currency and rubles.

All-Russian movement of foreign currency borrowers includes members who are citizens of the state have issued bad loans at different times.They are presented in different social networks and have their own website.The participants of the motion under consideration perform particular tasks according to their capabilities.They are:

  • part in various conferences;
  • organization of events;
  • negotiating with representatives of the government and financial institutions;
  • work with the media.

All-Russian movement of foreign currency mortgage borrowers involves voluntary.Each participant has the right to express their opinions and to make constructive proposals that are based on sound reasoning.

currency borrowers As a society relates to power?

sees society highlights the lack of political goals, leaving a priority loyal to the government.All-Russian movement of foreign currency borrowers also observes a consistent appeal to the commercial banks.This allows you to achieve the best solution to the problem with a mortgage in a foreign currency unit.

in dealing with the media the movement of foreign exchange borrowers not commented on the opinion of the country's foreign policy.In the press there are mentions of society in the context of the policy of the state, but in general they are a provocation.Quite often, the different currents of borrowers are trying to make its allies as a result of occurrence of the unstable economic situation.

It should be noted that the movement of foreign currency borrowers prohibits its members illegal actions.Otherwise, they will be held personally responsible for the violation of this requirement.For this reason, they do not get help society.

commercial benefit society

During the existence of the currency mortgage borrowers do not take commercial advantage.Members of his own selfless desire to strive to set realistic goals for solving the existing problems.Violation of traffic rules is the commercialization activities in any form.


large number of citizens who are in difficult situations, seek from the government and commercial banks provide more suitable conditions for the repayment of loans.Currency borrowers also willing to mortgage loans were not issued in the currency and at the present time.This also insists the Central Bank, however, banks continue to provide this service.This is due to the fact that institutions are also faced with the crisis and are willing to get as much profit.Citizens can define how it is risky.At the moment, foreign currency borrowers to hope for a favorable development of the situation.The number of citizens who take out loans in foreign currency has decreased significantly.This confirms the fact that borrowers weigh all the "pros" and "cons", making the right choice.