Emotionally volitional personality

emotional and volitional personality includes two closely related concepts, one of which is the human emotions and feelings, and others - will.These forms of mental reflection characteristic of all living beings.And is expressed not only in the inner experiences, but also in the form of physical symptoms, such as changes in facial expressions, gestures, postures, excessive sweating or breach of respiratory rate and heart rate.

emotional and volitional personality is unique.Each person reacts differently to the same mental process.Identical state may have one individual cause emotional lift, and the other persistent apathy.Some people would fuel fear and danger, others make it numb helplessness.Deep depression and awareness of their own insignificance leads to disruption of the normal course of mental processes in the body.Very often, people with such disorders only way out of this situation seems to suicide.

However, in most cases, the negative emotional states are harmful only in excess.Experiments scientists have shown that some effects of disincentives positive effect on life expectancy.Mental activity anyone needs to receive a negative voltage.After all, without it you can not fully enjoy positive emotions.It is just as impossible to drink constantly, even without feeling thirsty.

emotional and volitional personality includes a bright kaleidoscope of incredible feeling and emotion, an example of which can be called a passion.This is a profound emotional experience more pronounced in individuals with unstable mentality.It can last for a long time and be associated with many factors.Passion may arise as a living entity, and to any state or remembrance.One of the constant emotions of every person, is the mood.Without this "chronic" condition does not pass a single moment of life.It is clearly reflected in the behavior and gestures of each individual.

most powerful in its structure is the emotional reaction of the body called the affect.It instantly captures the human psyche, and summarizes the experiences in a single complex.Very often, such control over the body leads to unexpected consequences.Affect feared their unruly actions and unbridled outburst of emotions.

However, emotional and volitional personality involves not only human feelings and emotions.The concept will, as a process, contributes to conscious control of his psyche, it is also an integral part of each individual.It manifests the will to overcome various obstacles and interference encountered in humans.Only the strong-willed person will be able to achieve its goals and to bring all undertakings to its logical conclusion.

volitional personality is not an isolated feature of the human psyche.That is why it must necessarily be considered only in conjunction with other aspects of his mental life.After all, in fact, strong-willed person suppresses some emotions for the realization of others.Based on the foregoing, it can be noted that the concept of "will" is the body's ability to act in accordance with the task, not paying attention to any desires and aspirations.

Like any human activity, volitional requires strong psychological support.That engine will is feeling.After an indifferent even to himself a person can not become the owner of a strong will.He gives up without a fight at the mercy of chance.Such people are often the silent slaves to their passions, unable to generate any sense of a little bit of satisfaction from accomplishment, not to find the best path in life.Such an attitude toward self is formed from the school.That is why every younger person should think in advance about how to obtain sufficient knowledge and future interests of completing the circle.