Conflict Resolution

In most conflicts, it is important to find a way to resolve them.This statement may seem obvious, but many people suppress their anger or just "get along."They think that conflict resolution - is a way of creating other, so just keep quiet if dissatisfied with something.Unfortunately, it is unhealthy long-term strategy.On the one hand, the unresolved conflict can lead to resentment and further conflict in the relationship.On the other hand, more importantly, the continuing conflict situation can really have a negative impact on human health.

Unfortunately, conflict resolution is sometimes very difficult.Improper attempts may actually worsen the situation.

To avoid this, you must know the basic ways of resolving conflicts.

Get in touch with your feelings

important part of helping to resolve conflict situations, is the awareness of the feelings and sensations.It may seem that your feelings should be obvious to you, but this is not always the case.Sometimes we feel anger or resentment, but do not know why.In other cases, we believe that the other person does not do what it "should", but we do not know exactly what we want from him.It may therefore be effectively get in touch with their own feelings, thoughts and expectations.

Hone your listening skills

When it comes to efficiency in the resolution of conflicts, it is important to the ability to listen carefully to the other person.To know how we can do it, so it is useful as an understanding of the feelings and sensations.It is important to understand the conflict from the perspective of another person, not just their own, if we want to come to a mutual agreement.In fact, a simple understanding of what you hear and understand - this is the correct way to address the issue of "early resolution of conflicts."

Unfortunately, active listening - a skill that not everyone possesses.A common misconception is that many think that they are listening to, and in fact in their minds formulated the following reply, seething thoughts about themselves, about how wrong the other person, etc.

practice assertive communication

Everyone knows that wrong, rude remarks may throw fuel on the fire and exacerbate the conflict.It is important to be able to express what needs to be clear and assertive, but not aggressive, not to make the other person defensive.One of the most effective strategies for conflict resolution in this regard is the use of the strategy of self-hypnosis "I feel ..." (confident, calm, etc.)).

seek solutions

Once you understand the other person's point of view, and he will understand your, it is time to find ways to resolve conflicts that will suit both sides.Sometimes it is enough just to understand the point of view of the interlocutor.In this case, a simple apology can work wonders, and open discussion - bring people together.In cases where there is a conflict on the issue, in which there are differences, there are several options: you can not agree with each other, but it is possible to find a compromise or middle ground.Or if you feel more confident in the matter and can make their own, but it should be understood that the next time you need to give way.

failure to settle

If the conflict lasts too long, it may be desirable to terminate any relationship with an opponent for a certain period of time or permanently.In cases of abuse, for example, the threat of physical violence - Personal safety should be a priority.When dealing with a family member, then add some restrictions, you can achieve peaceful coexistence.The friendly relations (in the case where conflict resolution is impossible) it is reasonable to stop communicating.In any case, only you can decide whether to be improved relationship or still have to stop them.