The court astrologers

easy to be an astrologer in the world today where you do not nesёsh special responsibility for their mistakes.Lots of you will laugh.But what is to be court astrologer in antiquity or the Middle Ages, when every mistake could cost you the freedom or even life!If anything can convince the veracity of astrology, it's the fate of these courageous people - the court astrologers from different eras.

most dramatic event in the history of Rome - a conversation between Agrippina, Nero's mother, and the Chaldean astrologer.Mistress seek the advice of the stars to meet their ambitions and make her son emperor of the Romans.The astrologer looked made the following conclusion: "If he becomes king, he killed his mother."Do not hesitate for a moment, Agrippina, clenching his teeth, squeezed in response: "Let him kill me, but it will be a ruler!" Needless to say that the stars have given the correct prediction.Later, Nero has surrounded himself with astrologers and Bamilius, as his constant adviser, has repeatedly warned the emperor that his reckless behavior will lead to untimely death.

Before becoming emperor, who lived on Rhodes Tiberius was so impressed Trazilla art of astrology, which used it as a court astrologer to the end of his reign.In Trazilla Tiberius I learned enough astrology to yourself to read star maps.

method by which Tiberius had astrologers Rhodes was simple and brutal.When he needed the astrological advice he was an astrologer and a strong servant in that part of the villa, which was located on a high cliff.If you received a confidential matters astrologer Tiberius somehow reveal their lack of skill, a servant just dumped him off a cliff.Trazill inevitably found himself invited to the villa of Tiberius, but the art of astrology was that impressed the customer.However, Tiberius did not give up the gloomy final test and offered to look Trazillu own map on this day.Trazill built a map and immediately expressed the greatest horror.He shouted that terrible danger is imminent, after which Tiberius embraced the trembling astrologer and appreciated his art.Unlike their predecessors, Trazill survived the journey to the rock.

Persian poet Anwar predicted a great storm on the occasion of the compound of five planets in Libra September 16 1186 BCThat night turned out to be extremely quiet and Anvari thought that he was mistaken;but later found out that the governor Tatars reavers, Genghis Khan, was born that night.
Genghis Khan, by the way, astrologers assigned to honorary positions in his suite, and one of them, a Chinese Ye Li Chutsay was his constant adviser during the triumphant march of Genghis Khan, the world

Guido Bonatti was the most influential astrologer XIII century.At first he studied law, but then engaged in astrology and astronomy.He was appointed court astrologer in the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II (1212 - 1250).In 1260, he was an astrologer urban community of Florence.Bonatti then entered the service of Count Guido da Montefeltro and advised him on gunnery, determine the best time he took the field, providing a number of victories count.

The chronicles of Forli has a story about the fact that in 1282 the cartridge Bonatti, Guido de Montefeltro, defending Forli from the army under the command of Pope Martin IV.After consulting with their cards, Bonatti gave advice to his master lure papal army into a trap, stepping out of the city and giving them an opportunity to take his dad.This was done, and when an invading army celebrated its victory, Montefeltro counterattacked and destroyed the enemy.

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