Gemini: Pollux and Castor

the third sign of the zodiac is the constellation Gemini.His character - the two vertical columns that represent the gates of wisdom and peace.Constellation is easy to see in the clear starry sky in the period from December to May.It includes more than seventy stars, fourteen of which can be seen very clearly.However, most of the Gemini constellation in the sky are the two brightest stars - Castor and Pollux.In Greek mythology, these were the names of two brothers - Castor and Pollux, who became famous Long March with the Argonauts.

Interestingly, the constellation Gemini different curious phenomenon which astronomers have dubbed "variable star".The thing is that periodically one of the stars will light hundreds of times stronger.Unfortunately, this is a rare phenomenon can be observed only 1-2 days a year.Watching the constellation Gemini, in 1781, astronomers discovered Uranus, the movement of which for decades was followed by one of the stars - Propus.In 1930, scientists joy knew no bounds - they h

ave discovered not far from the star Wasat another giant planet - Pluto.


Another feature of the constellations - the two brightest stars are very close together, so the people and called them "twin brothers."It is believed that men born under this constellation, softer in nature, while women, on the contrary, more courageous.And those and others are united volatility and a tendency to diversity.On the one hand, born under the sign of Gemini are dual in nature, and on the other - are easy-going, friendly and easy to find common topics of conversation in any company.But the Twins are not committed to long-term friendship and prefer to start as many new acquaintances.

From the astrological point of view, this zodiac sign is different volatility, the duality of nature and manifestations of excessive activity.Often the behavior and actions are not determined by internal beliefs, and the mood at the moment.Those born under this sign are always trying to bring our plans to life, and if something does not work, then do not lose self-control and faith in their own strength.Their delight any surprises that presents destiny.They are not used to restrain themselves to the unexpected twists of fate.Gemini - the constellation of the patron of new knowledge and a developed intellect.Of particular note cravings born under this constellation to the study of foreign languages.

twins often suffer from their excessive sensitivity.Sometimes the little things they attach too much significance and make mountains out of molehills.Sometimes their thoughts defy the laws of logic, and the characteristic disadvantage is that the Twins can take on several things at once.Undue haste in decision-making - that is mainly what is worth fighting for those born under this sign.Since Gemini is often equated with two very bright and close to each other stars, this "split" interfere purposefully move towards a specific goal.