How to control the phone from your phone?

More and more users are beginning to ask questions such as "how to control the phone from your phone?" And this is done for various reasons.According to statistics, the Internet audience is often interested in the question of how to control the computer with your phone.What, it's convenient!Accept the fact that it is much more pleasant to lie on the couch and use your smartphone as a remote for your computer than ever to get up and approach the computer, rewinding the film and perform other operations - and not only those that will deal with movies and TV series.The thing a little different situation with a laptop, but our task is not to determine whether the need for a "remote", made of a smartphone.Our goal - to find out how to control the phone from your phone, and how to do this operation with the personal computer.

What is needed for remote access?

Use your phone for this purpose can be with the help of special software, third-party programs.Find them in the vast international network is not too difficult, so the question of where you can download them, will not.However, in the course of this article I will talk about what kind of program, as they are called and how they work.

About remote access technologies in general

How to control the phone from your phone?As debugged process of obtaining access to the device?It should be understood that the access is provided by the operation of the network and the Internet.Already this fact delight in someone's eyes is unlikely to cause, but the bottom line access yet, I tell you.

program №1: Optia

So, there are several programs that operate according to the following algorithm.To gain access, the device that will control the others should make the request and send it to the receiving device.That, in turn, may reject the request, and may take.In the first case, the synchronization will occur.In the second case, access will be allowed, but the user can remotely control the receiver.Work carried out at the expense of technology LTE, as well as through wireless Wi-Fi.Both devices must be connected to a common access point.One such program is Optia.It was designed by Japanese engineers.With the introduction of this tool, the user can gain remote access to the device.This will manifest itself in the ability to use virtual buttons for access to the smartphone and the desktop menu, and use of other proposals.Many sources Optia applications distributed free of charge.

Similar algorithms have other programs that will be discussed further.They simply use wireless technology to provide synchronization between two mobile devices.At first glance, it may look quite complicated.But it's much easier than it seems.Users quickly learn to control and would never ask how to control your phone from your phone.He borrowed quite a bit of the program to ensure its stability and sufficient functionality.

How to control the tablet with the phone?

now tablet computer in almost every family.Especially vibrant feelings to such devices suffer children.That is why, in addition to the smartphone parents often buy her children and not very expensive, brand and non-brand tablet PCs.Accordingly, along with the question of how to control your computer from your phone, and the question arises about the remote access to the tablet.

plates, as is known, take its mobility with high functionality.They can watch movies, play digital games, read texts.This resolution screens often allows you to do without a curb weight, and hardware stuffing also plays a role.In addition, the Tablet PC can be connected to your TV and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows.But now it's a little bit of something else.

program №2: Tablet Remote

People often ask not only the question of how to control your computer from your phone, but also questions about smartphones, tablets.The answer in this case is simple on the surface, because the algorithms are similar programs.So, to implement remote access to the tablet with the phone allows a program called Tablet Remote.

It has several features.About them further and will talk.Remote access will be limited.This means that the user will not be able to get complete control over the device.What is it about?For example, that you can only control your files and adjust the volume.The number of available functions is also included to adjust the brightness of the screen.But there is a good Tablet Remote and feature: Administrator rights are required.Therefore, you can activate the software on all devices that meet its system requirements.

To use the tool, you must first install it on both devices: on a controlled and out from which you remotely access.When the installation is finished, you must run the utility on the device.A user with the first seconds will face an interesting animated interface, which deal nonetheless not so difficult.By the way, the use of Tablet Remote will solve the problem of how to control the TV with your phone.

necessary to go to the section titled Setup.There are options that need to use.Options responsible for using the utility as a keyboard, remote from the device.Go to the tab titled Connection.There is an icon in the form of radar.Click on it and expect.During this time, the tablet will start detection device.For a successful synchronization is necessary to run the program on your smartphone.

After the start of the process of obtaining remote access device owner will be notified of incoming connections.To resolve it, simply press the appropriate key.Then the connection will be allowed.Immediately it should be said that such a procedure - disposable.The next time you re-confirm the connection is not necessary, because it is stored in memory devices.

much simpler case with the device to be used as a remote.They only need to run the Tablet Remote, go to the section of the same name.There already is arranged icons, which form the functional program.That is, control the volume, brightness, panel video playback and so on.

remote control, implemented in the utility offers two different modes.The first - is the portrait, the second - landscape.As standard, the smartphone is used as a control.If you change the orientation of the smart phone, it automatically becomes the game controller.

Program Tablet Remote is an excellent utility that will suit for basic remote access to the tablet PC.At the same time, and you can control the tablet that was previously connected to the TV.Thus, automatically it solves the problem about how to operate your TV with your phone.The program is free.

How to control a PC with your phone

Many are familiar with the program Team Viewer.It allows remote access to a single computer in the presence of the other.But how to control a computer with your phone, what program to use for this?Who smartphone running Android has almost everyone.Therefore, engineers have taken care of a program that allows to get full remote access to the PC with such a device.Someone will be interesting to see how the program from the PC to the phone, someone is just going to watch movies.In general, the functionality of utilities is wide enough.It is worth noting that the best would be to use a good timing for an access point Wi-Fi (and total).Option with 3G also suitable, but there may be lags and "dependent."

program №3: Team Viewer

As mentioned earlier, to control one PC using other existing simple program called Team Viewer.Its mobile version can be found on the Internet.It is distributed in free mode.How to manage the laptop with your phone (or PC to phone) using this tool?

First you have to download the package to your phone and install it.Immediately you can see the basic elements of the user interface, functional capabilities.You can then install the appropriate version of the program already on the computer.Best of all - the full.The thing is that it will allow to connect to your computer with your phone is always worth one time only confirm the right of access.There is only one necessary condition for synchronization: PC must be connected to the internet (or phone too).

When the software is installed on two devices, will only establish connection.To do this, run the program, create a remote control by entering the device ID.Give permission by entering the password.When the connection is established, the user is offered hints that tell about the basics of remote access and functional elements of the program Team Viewer.


So, in the course of this article we found out how to operate the phone through the phone, and how to implement such a connection between a smartphone, a tablet and a PC (laptop).Built-in remote access to the machine is not provided, so you have to resort to using third-party programs.

What is this program?

One - Optia.She briefly tells the user how to operate the phone through the phone, and then help to establish the connection.To control the tablet using a smartphone suitable program called Tablet Remote.And in the case of the PC must be installed on both devices Team Viewer, and then you can enjoy the results.