High-speed tram.

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possible to start in the Russian capital this vehicle as light rail, began to be discussed for a long time.In 2005, the project of construction of this line was presented at a press conference the chairman of the public movement "Muscovites for the tram" Morozov, representative of the UITP V.Tihonovym and editor of the publishing house "train depot" Alexander Myasnikov.Prospects for the development of this mode of transport for a long time been considered and the authorities of the capital.Currently (2015), decided to implement four projects of light rail: Biryulyovo up to the platform "Lianozovo" and to the district of the Ivanovo and the North.It is planned that in the coming years, these branches have become operational.

How did the idea

In Europe, high-speed trams used widely enough.There are lines and in our country: in Volgograd, Ust-Ilimsk, Kazan and Stary Oskol.Of course, they are not very large, but the reviews of the townspeople earned very good.In Ukraine, in Kiev such trams were put in Soviet times - in 1978 so that the new idea of ​​using these easy, quick and thus efficient TC can not be named.According to the authorities, having started in Moscow, light rail, you can significantly reduce the burden on other types of passenger transport.Residents of the capital and its guests in the presence of such lines will be much easier to get to the subway, in remote areas of the metropolis, or perhaps even in the satellite towns.

What is light rail

What is this type of TA and how it can be convenient?Expressway, according to SNIP, called those lines, which are able to drive the trams more than 24 kilometers per hour.The main features of these roads may also include:

  • isolation from the traffic and pedestrian crossings (total or partial).
  • very long spans and a limited number of stops.The project of the Moscow line between the latter provided a distance of at least 700 meters.For comparison: the bus from stop to stop going about 300-400 m.
  • use of tram trains of at least 28 meters.

High-speed tram in Moscow, according to the project will fully comply with all these regulations.

Advantages of high-speed tram line

construction of this relatively new mode of transport in Russia is considered by the Moscow authorities as a very good alternative to the subway, buses and trolleybuses.According to the Administration, will speed trams moving on the capital much more comfortable.This kind of land transport combines the best qualities of both the metro and buses.Its main advantages are:

  • high speed transportation.24 km / h - it is only the lower threshold of the movement of such compositions.In practice, this variety of trams can travel at speeds up to 80 km / h.With a decrease in the number of stops the travel time is reduced even further.
  • Construction of a speed tram track costs 10 times cheaper than laying underground line of the same length.
  • This type of transport is considered to be more convenient than the subway.After all, the passengers do not have to go underground.Capacity is the ability it differs little from the same index of the subway.
  • Light Rail, the rate of which in practice is actually quite high, everything else also is not experiencing any difficulties when driving in ice and snow (as opposed to the same buses and trolley buses).
  • Since the transport of this type does not depend on traffic jams, he never deviates from the developed motion graphics.
  • important advantage is the fact that this type of TA - ecologically absolutely safe.

Disadvantages light rail

minus at this type of transport is practically no.Some disadvantages include the need to build a separate fabric, which greatly increases the width of city roads.The additional load on the city's power and may indirectly be attributed to the disadvantages of such vehicles as the speed tram.However, since the energy consuming such compositions are not too many, this lack is not considered to be particularly serious.

line up Biryulyovo

According to the draft, this new Moscow highway will be designed for the transport of about 150 thous. Passengers a day.Trams this line will run from the metro station the "Prague" in the western and eastern part of the Biryulyovo.According to preliminary data, travel time residents of the area to the "underground" reduced by approximately 30%.If you now have to get to biryulevtsam "Prague" 70-85 minutes, with the launch of high-speed tram on the way they will spend less than an hour.

The total length of this line will be 8.2 km.Part of it (2.1 km) will be held on the overpass.It is assumed that the trams will go at intervals of 4-6 minutes.The average speed will be of 25-28 km / h.Travel time from the terminus station in Biryulyovo the "Prague" will not exceed 10-12 minutes.The project envisages equipping all ten stops (at a distance of 800 m).One of them will act on the overpass.

originally supposed to be looped one of the lines in West Biryulyovo.However, local residents expressed their objection, and the project was scrapped.

line in the area of ​​Ivanovo

This is another project approved by the Moscow authorities.This light rail line will link the district of Ivanovo and the metro station "Entuziastov."According to the project, its length will be about 6.5 kilometers.Tram stops along the way will be six times.

Construction of this line will improve transport services of 80 thousand inhabitants, not only the Ivanovo region, then Perov.Designed line will be about 105 thousand. Passengers daily.Before metro area residents after the start line will get less than 30-40 minutes.

line to the area of ​​North

This route is also planned to be adopted in the near future.The length of the line North - platform "Lianozovo" will be about 5.4 km.Stops along the way there will be five.Average speed rail, as in previous cases, amount to 25-28 km / h.On the way residents of the area from the first station to the final will spend about 11 minutes.At night the track will be able to take a load of 50 thousand. Man.

line up "Medvedkovo»

Station platform "Lianozovo" will be routed to another branch of the underground "Altufievo."Next way stretch to "Medvedkovo".Below is a diagram of the light rail from the area to the North "Altufievo" and then to "Medvedkovo".Thus, the fourth project is an extension of the third track.That is, after they both will be implemented from the station "Medvedkovo" can drive up to the North District.

Light Rail and prices

Residents of those areas where those tracks will be laid, will likely get another advantage.Experts believe that in those parts of the city will increase the cost of square meters.Of course, the rise in prices will not be as noticeable as in the construction, for example, subway lines.However, downhill compositions can raise the cost of housing in Biryulyovo, North and Ivanovo quite significantly.

Actually themselves trams all lines were developed with the wishes of the inhabitants of those areas where they planned gasket.So in any case, this form of transport will be the most convenient, reliable and also very low.