How to choose the right lighting for the bedroom?

room lighting - both complex and creative task.Huge selection of different styles of lighting strikes and allows to exercise maximum imagination.But we need to consider a few rules that will help you choose the degree of illumination of the room, which will make it cozy and comfortable life.

Choosing lighting for the bedroom is to understand the basics of the art lighting and combining it with the theme of the room colors.Bedroom - a secluded place, which draws each, depending on the needs of the mood.It may be quiet, romantic, bright and functional.Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the right atmosphere.

Size matters

The first thing you need to pay attention - the size of the room.This concerns not only the bedroom and every room.It is necessary to select those fixtures, which can illuminate every corner of the room.A common mistake - arrangement of a plurality of points of light in the hope that they will help to emphasize the parts created plan.But in reality, everything is the opposite.As a result, one corner is excessively lighted, and the second is in the shade.Even as a decoration all the chandeliers and lamps should be proportional to the size of the bedrooms and the surrounding decor.

Harmony styles

bedroom lighting must also meet the theme and color palette.If the room is decorated in a luxurious style of Hollywood, the perfect choice for the central element is a cascading light.If you need a minimalist style, then pay attention to the lighting in niches with the original lamp.

High bay lighting

tiers lighting any other effects not replaced.Interior carefully thought out, including various types of lighting, which not only serves its intended purpose, but also emphasizes the dignity of all.If general lighting creates an atmosphere in the room, the directional light focuses on certain details.

innovative bedside lighting

Bedside coverage in recent years has become extremely diverse.It is no longer limited to simple desk lamps on each side of the bed.Now they are increasingly replaced by original chandeliers and floor lamps.So relieved the place of the bed, for example, can be dispensed with bedside tables, replacing them with other decor.At the same time, table lamps - a good option for creating visual symmetry.In addition, it is not necessary to abandon traditional approaches, sometimes time-tested options are much more advantageously today.

game with lighting

unique feature of modern lighting - Presence dimming.It allows you to easily change the level of lighting in the room by simply pressing a button or screen.Given the rapid technology development, it is hoped that the opportunities will be limitless lighting.Already, for example, when reading a book does not necessarily cover the entire room.

lighting decoration

One of the common mistakes in choosing lamps for the bedroom is a preference for aesthetics ergonomics.Of course, the lamp or the lamp should look unique and attractive, but it still does not mean that they will provide the proper lighting.Will they be as functional, if you add more tiers of coverage?If you can choose lighting that combine functionality and beauty, it is luck.If not, you have to take into account the illumination intensity, successful corners.

Colored flows

No matter whether it is about the color of the lamp shade or color of the light bulb, but any color can completely change the atmosphere in the room.Shades can be used to completely change the interior.If the background is made with neutral colors, while colored lights can be turned into a stunning accent color.

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