New Technologies Stationery supplanted in the future?

We live in a time of technological progress.Development of the Internet and the overall computerization of replacing stationery.All companies provide their employees computers.They establish various programs and maintain electronic records.Students of elite institutions of higher education attend a lecture with laptops.Journalists no longer interviewed by a sheet of paper and a pencil.
Modern technologies make life easier and improve the work of representatives of various professions.Engineers can draw not only on paper but in special programs, quantity surveyors and representatives of other building trades making calculations using a calculator construction and many other programs.Automation of the work previously done by hand, wasting too much time and effort appears positively to the work of the whole company.
Information technology also play an important role in everyone's life.It is much easier to find information using search engines rather than going to the library and notirovannyh or outline of the material.Thanks to them, we can find answers to many questions from a variety of disciplines.

Stationery At first glance there is no place among all.But let's take a better one.Almost all firms invited to work the manager's office.Among other duties, his task - to monitor that the delivery of office supplies have occurred in time.Yes, employees work on computers, but to apply for the request does not translate into a full-time or dismissal is only possible on a sheet of paper, written by hand.Sign various contracts and enter into contracts, too, made on paper.Each employee in handy notebook and a pen that would write the information received from the customer important information.Stationery play a leading role in the life of the office.
Schools and other educational institutions.A separate theme.Yes, all of them have computer classes, but also all students and working there, in need of stationery.Teachers carefully checked notebook with independent, creative assignments, or just with homework.At a geometry lesson for children that are the features, something steranes in the case of failed or the figure of her element.Before starting school, parents are purchasing office supplies in large quantities.Although, in the course of their studies, they have not just have to visit stationery shops in order to buy different stuff.
best to be a wholesale buyer.For them, and provided discounts and bonuses are different, but calculate everything in advance is not so easy.More often than not, and students and teachers are retail customers, but the company and the company purchase all the wholesale.This boom is formed in August, the horse, then all rush to prepare for studies and intellectual work, while at other times stationery find their buyers.
From all this we can easily conclude that the relevance of stationery will not go out in the near future, and in spite of the automation and computerization, they keep pace with his time.