The answer to "thin" the question: "Do I need a visa to Cyprus?"

«East - a delicate matter," - says the well-known aphorism.And as the island of Cyprus is located in close proximity to the Turkish coast, this statement is largely true for him.In particular, the question about whether you need a visa to Cyprus for the Russians, there is no single answer.Here you need to understand the mass of the subtleties and nuances.What we are just now.

problem, stretching from 1974

To appreciate the complexities and risks that could dampen your holiday in Cyprus, you need to make a little history.In 1974, Turkey invaded the northern part of the island.To avoid accusations of the annexation of foreign territories, they been declared an independent republic.But today it except Turkey has recognized only one (such as the self-proclaimed) Abkhazia."Green Line" protect UN forces.Why this simple tourist information?To know - passion for the prescription of years have not subsided.The question "Do I need a visa to Cyprus" should specify in which part you want to get there.In the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus," it is not needed.You can get to this part of the island from Istanbul.But with the stamp of the breakaway republic you will not be allowed into the Republic of Cyprus.

Do Schengen visa?

No.Despite the fact that the southern part of the island inhabited by the Greeks, and the whole country is preparing to join the "euro area" is that you can relax without any Cyprus "of the Schengen".But still, no problem to land in Larnaca and Paphos - that is officially recognized in the territory of the state, the Russians need a visa.But for them to receive it has been simplified very much.If your vacation is able to fit in 90 days and you do not want to leave the southern part to the northern visit, you may one day open a so-called PRO-visa.To do this, just need that to go to the site of the Embassy of Cyprus in Moscow to fill an online application form.The next day you e-mail a letter with a unique number.And fun it will not cost you a penny!If your stay on the island goes beyond the 90 days, or you plan to leave and re-enter the country, then the question "Do I need a visa to Cyprus for the Russians," the answer is "yes."

What documents are needed and where to apply for a visa?

This insert is issued at the Consulate of Cyprus in Moscow, and for the residents of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region - the local consulate in St. Petersburg.Stupid question about whether you need a visa to Cyprus, if you intend to repeatedly enter the country for three years and to carry out on its territory up to 90 days every six months.Of course yes!But it also did not cost you.What documents must be submitted to obtain this cherished pasting?Valid passport, a copy of a Russian passport, two photos, the hotel booking confirmation, proof of employment and bank account statement.Very similar to the requirements for a Schengen visa, is not it?By the way, happy owners of this brand further permission to enter Cyprus is required.There is only one condition: the owner "of the Schengen" should first at least once to go to the country that issued the visa.They say that in this area in the near future and hopes to enter Cyprus.Do I need a visa?2013 all upheld.