Do you know the value of the name Veronica?

Veronica - is an ancient and very melodious name.Its owner - charming and beautiful girl has a stubborn and irascible character.

value named Veronica

In Greek Veronica means "bearing the victory," from the Latin - the true image.

origin of the name Veronica

By giving this name belonged to a young woman who dared to come out of the crowd and wipe the sweat on his face and the blood of Jesus Christ, who carried the cross to Calvary.

Feature named Veronica

very timid and shy girl who is very often indecisive in his actions.The older the Veronica, the more it manifests itself in irritability and stubbornness.It is so impressionable that could fall into a swoon at the sight of a small drop of blood.As a rule, it exhibits its looseness with strangers and unfamiliar environment feels more free and easy than with family and friends.

Externally Veronica is very similar to his father, although the nature of her mother's.In most cases, prefer to be in a group of men than women.Contrary to what the meaning of the name Veronica - "bearing the victory," it is lucky in love not once - married she would repeatedly.For men it is quite lightly, never rush to start a serious relationship and creating a family.Its restriction will be the one who will be hard to look after her and fulfill all her wishes.However, it will always be manipulated.For the first time after marriage and Veronica will be drawn to your friends, but then she would understand what it is - true happiness.Therefore, her husband would have to have extraordinary flexibility and perseverance that it quickly began to establish its cozy family nest.Usually, she gives birth to a girl.

Veronica - is a laid-back and easygoing person, she's always very witty and can easily defuse the atmosphere in any setting.At the same time she has the ability to feel the tension between people without further ado.She loves to be in the company, especially if it is connected with the sea, sun and summer.Veronica just dreams of the good life and tries to do everything to achieve his.Unfortunately, her dreams are rarely implemented.

Work for Veronica - this is likely, exciting game, not an obligation.Very often she is undisciplined and do not want to do something that does not cause her interest.Although she often hears the praise in his address.

Value Name Veronica says that she never adheres to strict rules.Lack of discipline and lack of organization - it's all negative qualities.It is better to talk about the work, which will be dealing with it.She is very fit such a profession as an actress and poet.But she could easily be a waitress, a journalist or a secretary.

With health Veronica often occur, though minor, but problems.She may suffer from allergic reactions to different odors.

value can not be named Veronica is not related to its attractive appearance, which has given its nature.Because of this, it is always a crowd of fans that for her the charge of additional energy.Veronica loves to dance and sing with a guitar.