How much to lose weight?

Complete women often face ridicule and disapproval of others, especially the young and slender beauties.This ratio is irrational and illogical at first glance - after all, these women skinny no rival.The fact is that even the skinny is fear recover and look like this: it is fear to offend makes them obese women.And full of women, as a result, they want to know how much to lose weight.

general to answer this question you need to consider all three words "like", "strong" and "slim".These are going to do.

That first part of the question often baffled.But the prospect seems hopeless because they do not just want to lose weight.And to lose weight without changing habits and without discomfort.It does not happen.The body is our very well, reluctant to part with the reserves in the form of fat.And we need certain penalty to force him to give their belongings.

most effective way to lose weight - the length of time exercise on the background of half-starved state.So the fairy tale about "harmony of well-fed" can be forgotten - is zavlekalochka to gullible buyers.Recent studies scholars argue that low-calorie foods for a long time unable to saturate soon and want to eat again.Trust your body can not be - whether it will, you have a pound a day gained.So we'll have to accept the fact that as you want to eat and what you want - you can not.And it is for life.Pandering to his whims leads to the development of food debauchery.

no need to explain dozens of extra kilos genetics alone: ​​many women are successfully fighting with a tendency to be overweight and remain slim.How much to lose weight if all the women in your family complete?We'll have to completely change the way of life.Complete without roasted, eliminate fat and forget about sweet.In fact, we are quite lacking sugars from natural products - vegetables, carrots, cereals.And all the sweets - the evil created by the producers of food, in order to "plant" people into simple sugars and force them to keep buying high-calorie food.But you're smarter marketers?Hence, it is necessary to choose only what is truly useful to your body.

How much to lose weight and not gain weight?Accept the fact that many products - not for you.Let your skinny friend kilograms absorb them - laugh after 15 years, when their metabolism slows down due to age and after the hormonal changes and the habit is not to limit themselves - remain.You'll slim beauty who looks younger than his years, and they - fatty creatures of indeterminate sex.

The second component of the question - the adverb "strongly".I am a supporter of the ambitious targets.Ideally, you can set a target of little weight.Up to 90% of normal.This figure will motivate you and help overcome difficulties.You can search dating sites girls who have desired for you height and weight - and enjoy the photos.Of course, most of it by 5 kilograms stretching the truth, but you can make a rough idea.

Finally, the third word "lose weight".IMPLIED may very different things.The reduction in weight, reduction of volume and reduction of fat - changing different parameters.If you sit on a diet without salt, the weight will melt very quickly, a little decrease, along with the volume of lost water, but almost all of the fat will remain in place."Almost" because unsalted food is tasteless and you will have less.If the diet will cut down on the calories a bit against the background of intensive fitness, volume and decrease the amount of fat and weight can stay in place.Complete removal of carbohydrates from the diet immediately give effect to 4 kg, but then you just will not gain weight and body fat is the number of volumes will slowly decrease.A whiff of acetone from you, that is not always pleasant to be around.

How to lose weight quickly?It is possible, but more than 3 kg of fat in the emergency mode is difficult to reset.The technique is simple - 500kkal a day, of which 60% - from protein, and 40% - at the expense of carbohydrates.Fats deleted.Not less than 20 kilometers per day, jogging or walking.If you run, 2 hours a day will be enough (better spread on 2 workout).You'll melt before our eyes.The main thing - not to load after a workout.

How much to lose weight and stay slim for life?This is only possible if the restrictions and the adoption of lifelong training.