Lufthansa «uparhnula" Tatarstan /

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Lufthansa «uparhnula" Tatarstan

known German airline group, one of the most respected airlines in the world by number of passengers Lufthansa (Deutsche Lufthansa AG) announced the termination of its activities in the territory of Tatarstan.The airline, which for 15 years carried out flights from Kazan, told of their termination, because they do not see the opportunity in the future to make a profit on the Tatarstan market.At the same time it has increased the frequency of passenger flights both from Nizhny Novgorod and Samara.This situation is not considered to be the best in terms of the attractiveness of Tatarstan for the investment of capital, although the potential of passenger traffic between Kazan and Frankfurt is not high.

It is worth mentioning that the German, Lufthansa became the first in history, international carrier operating in Kazan airport.In addition, it is the only direct offering direct service between Frankfurt and the city of Kazan, which lasted for 15 years.

Aviapervozchiku Lufthansa profitable to develop and maintain cooperation with Russian airlines that fly from Kazan to Moscow to pick up passengers from the Moscow airport and take them to Germany.

According to the press service of the airlines Lufthansa, along with the departure from Kazan and Perm will increase its share of presence in the Volga region and to increase the frequency of flights from the International Airport "Nizhny Novgorod" and the Samara airport "Kurumoch". "This decision is due to the increasing flow of passenger traffic in these directions, the coefficient of utilization of aircraft now stands at about 80%.According to the schedule, which will be effective from April 1, 2013, Lufthansa will provide flights to Frankfurt six times a week from each of these airports.

The press service of the international airport "Kazan" was given confirmation of this information, the airline, while adding that the reason for the cancellation of flights Lufthansa remains unknown to them.There is the possibility to accurately estimate how care will affect Lufthansa on other air carriers, but the economic impact of the airport is not significant, according to chief of sales of airline "AK BARS AERO" Arthur Nasrutdinov.According to him, both airports and carriers are always benefited from the presence of a large number of airlines, "The more passengers the opportunity to fly in different directions, the better.This increases the level of service and investment attractiveness. "

Azamat Sabirov, who is the general director of the agency AVT, engaged in the sale and booking of tickets, is of the opinion that Lufthansa in Tatarstan simply could not compete with such carriers as S7, «Aeroflot", "UTair", "Turkish Airlines" committing flightsEurope via Moscow.Relatively great popularity Lufthansa flights Kazan - Frankfurt, Azamat Sabirov explains the fact that residents of border towns in Tatarstan use the services of the airport of Samara, as it is closer to them than Kazan.

stated Håkan Bavershtrand, director of Lufthansa sales in Russia and CIS: "We fly to Kazan and Perm for many years and have managed to build strong partnerships with many of the passengers, which is why I particularly regret the closure of these routes. I know that ourFlights to Frankfurt were important to people, as it allows them to optimize the way into the most remote corners of the earth, but we can no longer continue to work in these regions. "