Pripyat River: Origins, description and location on the map.

Pripyat River is the largest and most important right tributary of the Dnieper.Its length - 775 kilometers.The water stream flows through Ukraine (Kyiv, Volyn and Rivne regions) and Belarus (Gomel and Brest region).The catchment area exceeds 114,000 square kilometers.Pripyat originates between the villages of Horn Smolar Budnik and Volyn Upland.In the upper reaches of the valley it is expressed rather weakly, in the lower - more clearly.The width of the floodplain in the upper reaches of not more than 4 kilometers in the lower - up to 15. The slope of the river is 0.08 meters by 1 kilometer.In the upper track of Pripyat is similar to the channel becomes less tortuous.On average, for a number of oxbows and meanders, the river has many channels and small islands.The width of the water flow at the source of - no more than 40 meters from the Kiev reservoir, which empties into the river Pripyat - up to 5 kilometers.


river Pripyat river has a mixed water supply, mainly from snowmelt.For its regime characterized by a long period of high water in the spring.It starts at the beginning of March, and in the cold years - in mid-April.The flood can last up to 3.5 months.It is accompanied by large-scale floods.At this point in the upper water may rise to 2 meters, in the middle of - 3.5, and lower - up to 7 meters.The summer low water is short, because they are constantly interrupted by rain floods.Autumn is almost a year characterized by a significant rise of water.The annual flow of 14.5 cubic kilometers.Of these, the spring accounts for up to 65%.Pripyat freezes until the middle of December.The basin is full of marshes, which determine the color of the water in the river.

Location of water flow

Pripyat River on the map begins to Lyuboml district Volyn region of Ukraine, through which flows 204 kilometers.The aqueous stream crosses the border of Belarus and follows the Polesie lowlands 500 km.His way lies among the Pinsk marshes.Here the valley is weak, marshy shore.The river is often broken down into the sleeves.At the beginning of the bottom lowland unstable, sandy, increases to the final number of rapids on the river.The remaining 50 kilometers of Pripyat again flows to Ukraine, where he finishes his path in the Kyiv Reservoir, just south of Chernobyl.River channels connected with Mukhavets (a tributary of the Western Bug) and Scharoy (a tributary of the Neman).Pripyat River - flat.It is characterized by swamping - 15%.

inflows, towns, lakes and canals of Pripyat

Pripyat river has many tributaries, but the most important are the Ptich, steal and Gorin.Last - the largest water flow (of flowing).Dnepr-Bug channel eventually connects with the Bug River Pripyat, thus forming a water route to Europe.Or the Black Sea to the Baltic.Dnieper-Neman river channel makes part of the route from Ukraine to Latvia - to the Kaunas Reservoir.There are other non-navigational "small" channels.For the Polesie lowland is characterized by large Ozernoye.Just on the right bank of Pripyat is more than 2500 lakes.The largest on the river are two Belarusian cities - Mozyr and Pinsk.The two most famous Ukrainian settlements - a "dead city" of Pripyat and Chernobyl.


in the Chernobyl exclusion zone of Pripyat is the most ambitious water body.The river traverses the area from the east and then flows into the Kiev reservoir.Directly in the area of ​​the placement channel was artificially changed.Today it is a channel length of 11 kilometers.According to it, the opening of navigation.An artificial channel was laid to Pripyat passed the cooling pond of NPP.Now these two water bodies are separated by a dam, and are at a distance of 300 meters.The channel has a depth of 4 meters and width - to 160 Pripyat plays a crucial role in the removal of radionuclides outside the Exclusion Zone.Scientific studies have shown that, unlike other ways (such as air, biogenic, anthropogenic), water makes ten times more harmful substances.In the desert zone of alienation flows deserted Pripyat - the river, the photo which shows its banks from the graveyard of ships.The water flow in the reservoir carries radionuclides Kiev.Pripyat (river) in Belarus is not infected with harmful substances.

economic importance of Pripyat

Water - primary resource for any state.Pripyat supplies about 35% of the needs of the economy: industry, agricultural land, for drinking needs for transport.Only needs one person a day is calculated to 550 liters.But become shallow waters, including the Pripyat and the Government of the State of Belarus raises the acute problem of water resources of the country.Developed a comprehensive project, which provides not only the economy, but also the purification of water bodies, their protection.On the territory of Belarus in the Pripyat shipped maximum quantity of goods, especially on the route on which the Dnieper-Bug Canal.

Nature Pripyat

in four districts of Belarus in 1999 was a unique National Landscape Reserve "Middle Pripyat".The purpose of his organization - the preservation of the ecosystem of the river floodplain.Ministers reserve busy preserving endangered and rare species of plants and animals.The area of ​​the reserve of more than 90 thousand square kilometers.If the description of the Pripyat River earlier reported about the diversity of coastal nature, in the last decades have witnessed the impoverishment.Now nature is gradually recovering.Only geese during their migration stops here up to 50 thousand individuals each year.On the territory of "Middle Pripyat" recorded 72 species of plants, 24 of which - under the threat of extinction.The fauna is represented by 36 species of mammals, 182 - birds, 10 - amphibians, 6 - reptiles.Of these, 67 species are endangered.

Fishing at the Pripyat Pripyat

The exclusion zone is home to 37 species of fish.Go fishing on the river all year round.Summer fishing starts in late April or early May.It is well caught pike, chub, perch, roach, bream, saber fish, ide, carp, catfish, perch, bream and roach.In June, the fishermen take revenge for a long break.For example, the village Konkovichi pikes covered with all Cook.On feeders catch bream everywhere and always.Other fish should be caught in accordance with the schedule of the sun.One problem - a lot of midges.By September, the pike bite is literally on the first cast.But the most successful fishing autumn trolling.At this time, the river is very quiet: not beat the fish, the birds do not sing.You can catch almost everything: maggots, poppers, crankbaits, turntables.In winter, the area attracts many fishermen Norovli.But there is a reserve, and you need to go on the ice downstream.


along the river and along the Pripyat River in the summer a lot of tourists.Who goes on foot, considering the beauty of nature and the local attractions, and who floated on rafts or kayaks.There are routes designed by local travel agencies, but you can take a trip on their own.Water tourism is relevant from June to September.The length of the route - an average of 100 kilometers.Home path - near the town of Pinsk.The main attractions on the banks of the river - a wildlife sanctuaries and nature reserves.At the end of the route you can admire the ancient town of Mozyr Belarus, which was first mentioned in chronicles in the XVI century.In Pripyat river cruises pass through the territory of Belarus.