Svirsky Monastery.

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For many St. Petersburg and surrounding area associated with beautiful gardens and magnificent palaces of the XVIII century.But this city can be opened on the other hand, if you manage to visit the holy places.These include not only the famous Church of the Savior on Blood, built on the site of the assassination of the king, but many monasteries located in the Leningrad region.One of the amazing places Svir monastery is built on the instruction of St. Alexander.

Life of St. Alexander Svirsky was one of the chosen few who was the Lord Himself in the form of the Holy Trinity.God has proclaimed a saint that will soon include virgin forests, through which the monk, going to the monastery, will be based holy abode.This historical episode was captured on one of the names of the holy icons.

Monk was born in the XV century in the family pious believers of the peasants and was named Amos.Even as a child he dreamed of becoming a monk.Parents are not aware of the great goal of his son, and by the time he grew up, decided to marry him.

At that time the monk met the monks of the Valaam Monastery, which he so much wanted.Amos told the monks of the monastery and the charter of three monastic rank.After that, the Reverend was determined to devote himself to the monastic life and went to Balaam.On the way to the abode of Lord Amos was a phenomenon on the future site Svirsky Monastery.When the young man came to the monastery, he was adopted and a monk by the name of Alexander.Soon parents are Amos also become monks because of its great admonition to serve the Lord.

Limbo monastery

Alexander Svirsky strict monastic regulations observed.After several years of service to the monk decides to live as a hermit on the Holy Island.His home becomes narrow damp cave where the saint spends time in fasting and prayer ministry.After 10 years of a harsh life of Alexander Svirsky during prayer I have been given a voice over that he should go to the river Svir and founded a hut.Not daring to disobey, he goes to that place.Having lived there for several years and received from God the gift of clairvoyance and healing, Alexander Svirsky began to treat mental and physical illnesses of people come in droves Holy Svirsky Monastery.Already during his lifetime Venerable praised as a Russian saint.

Once Alexander was the Most Holy Trinity, who commanded to establish a church in honor of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.At this point some time later built a chapel.

Soon Monk determined to build a stone church in honor of the Mother of God.After the foundation of the church was laid in the same night, Alexander was the Blessed Virgin herself, seated on the altar with the Infant Jesus, and promised to keep the Holy Trinity Monastery of Svirsky all ills.

A year before the death of the monk pointed to several monks, among which must be selected next abbot.Alexander Svirsky was buried near the church of the Transfiguration, and 14 years later he canonized.

rise and fall

After the death of the great saint of the monastery was the position of the tower even more.During the reign of Ivan the Terrible Svirsky Monastery received various benefits, contributing to its prosperity.In the Time of Troubles, the monastery has considerably worsened the situation.Especially it turned out to be disastrous for the 1613, 1615 and 1618 years in which the monastery looted and torched.While between Russia and Sweden bloody war ensued, which was under attack and Svir monastery, located close to the border.

By 1620 the monastery began to recover, and in 20 years the will of God were the relics of St. Alexander Svirsky, who was placed in a precious casket - a gift to Tsar Mikhail - the first of the Romanov dynasty.Since that time, the monastery became the main spiritual center of the north-west Russia.At that time, stone construction was going full swing: a new tower was built and the Trinity Cathedral, painted by artists of Tikhvin.Along the perimeter of the monastery built a fence.During palace coups monastery lost its position among the spiritual centers of Russia, many of its lands were withdrawn.

tests twentieth century

After the accomplishment of the revolution in 1918 the monastery ransacked, monks were shot, and the place of abode was organized concentration camp.During World War II, Alexander Svirsky monastery was badly damaged.After Stalin's death, the monastery began to send mentally ill people.

slightly improved position of the monastery to the 70th years of the twentieth century, when the hospital on its territory, it was decided to close.At the same time he managed to restore the bell tower and some small buildings.

By the end of the twentieth century were again the relics of Alexander Svirsky, once lost during the revolution.The monastery began to revive thanks to God's help and diligence of new inhabitants.

New Martyrs monastery

Particularly noteworthy are the monks who lived in the monastery during the revolution of 1918, suffered for their faith.After the royal family was shot, the power of the Bolsheviks began to gain momentum.Already in January 1918 they began to control the life of the monasteries, prohibiting hold chimes, which could be regarded as a counter-revolutionary action.

Svirsky Monastery is one of the largest in the district of St. Petersburg, so the new government was immediately rushed to the monastery.Come to six times, the Bolsheviks completely looted the monastery, wanting to pick up and relics of the Monk.Security officers dared to get them out of the holy casket and scoff at the holy relic.The monks begged not to take away the shrine, and the Bolsheviks made concessions, taking precious cancer and several items of church plate.Each time, coming to plunder the Holy Trinity Monastery of Alexander Svirsky, the new government arranged fights, getting drunk on sacramental wine intended for the Eucharist.

But it does not stop.Security officers shot brethren, moving it out of the park of the monastery garden.The spirit of the monks was not broken, and they accepted death with dignity, sung Troparion of the Resurrection of Christ.Brethren killed by the Bolsheviks, was canonised.For a long time the place of the murder of people brought flowers and wreaths in memory of the valiant knights spirit of the LORD, gave their lives for their faith.

holy relics

main shrine of the monastery are the relics of Alexander Svirsky.They are in the Transfiguration Cathedral.Anyone who wants to venerate the relic, can do it on weekdays and 6 pm or on the weekend after the liturgy.Those who truly believes in the power of God's great devotee, the Lord bestows health, getting rid of ailments and sorrows.Near the tomb of Alexander Svirsky during the existence of the monastery many miracles happened.In the relics of St. cured possessed, terminally ill and childless.

Especially memorable is the case of healing at the grave of Alexander Svirsky woman did not thank God for their salvation.Suffering from insanity, she was instantly healed some of the relics of the Monk.Vowing to return to the temple at the great feast of the descent of the Holy Spirit, and to thank God and the Holy One, she had forgotten about it.Reverend Alexander, being dead body, but the spirit is alive, he decided to teach a lesson to the ungrateful.On the same day, the promised hour, he came to her house.A storm, a woman fell on his back, as if someone had grabbed her arm.Hearing the voice condemning the monk, she prayed, asking for help, because she could not move.Alexander Svirsky commanded the woman to go to the temple of the Holy Trinity and get it healed.With easy access to the church, she felt better at the tomb of the Venerable.Wanting to thank the saint not only physical, but also spiritual healing, she and her family ordered a large prayer continue to praise the LORD, and his patron - the father of Alexander.

brief excursion

Inspection temples monastery is best to start with the Holy Trinity Cathedral, built in 1695.There is a marvelous rumors, though the frescoes on its walls, and the icons do not fade, but rather updated and become brighter.The main motive of the holy image became a picture of heaven and hell, and Bible stories.

entering the temple, you will find yourself in front of the fresco "The Blessing of Abraham."The use of this scene by chance.As already mentioned, the monastery was built on the site where the Holy Trinity Alexander Svirsky, which up to this time in its entirety could contemplate only righteous Abraham.

following open frescoes of Old Testament history from the beginning of creation to the birth of the Savior.And all this ends with a panorama painting "The Last Judgement", in which all people share the righteous, sons of Abraham, and the sinners.

Frigate soul

Transfiguration Cathedral built in the shape of a ship - symbol of spiritual salvation in a sea of ​​sorrow and everyday needs.Topped by green domes on the roof shatroobraznoy, he completely rushes up to heaven and to God, as once himself Alexander Svirsky.In this temple there are the relics of the Monk, to which you can apply and ask for prayer intercession.

far from the Transfiguration Cathedral is a temple built in honor of Zechariah and Elizabeth - the parents of John the Baptist.

most ancient place

At the monastery in the life of St. was built the church of the Holy Virgin.This phenomenon took place and the Mother of God with the infant Alexander Svirsky.It is here that prior to the construction of the Cathedral, he constantly prayed the holy monastery.Temple, like the royal palace, has shatroobraznuyu roof.

Saints sources

The monastery is healing spring Alexander Svirsky.Water source bright blue.Spring is an extraordinary property - regardless of the weather conditions, the temperature is always 6 degrees above zero.This healing water can drink from the source, or to bring on the return journey.Anyone who has ever tried it say about the extraordinary force of the spring.Not far from the monastery itself is another sacred spring, named in honor of the Mother of God.Earlier in his place was a chapel, destroyed during the Revolution.In our days, clearing the place of the former construction, monks found the board for the icon, and then a miracle happened - at the site of the chapel of the earth streamed spring.


Svirsky Monastery is located 21 km from the town of Lodeynoye Pole.Map and Guide you do not need, because you can just get on the bus coming from the bus terminal of St. Petersburg to the village of Svir.The entire journey takes about 6 hours.

Another option how to get to the monastery - take a train on the route "Saint Petersburg - Lodeynoye field."A schematic map of the monastery for sale on its territory of one of the church benches.Since the monastery is about 30 sites, including the economic body, so you will certainly come in handy tip.

other holy places of Leningrad region

Svirsky Monastery - not a unique complex of Orthodox outskirts of St. Petersburg.Among the major monasteries of the Leningrad region are the following:

  • Permission-Oyat convent. At the beginning of its foundation, the monastery was considered a male, before it was declared a geographically Svirsky Monastery.This is where the relics of the parents of the monk, who left behind his son in monastic life.At the end of the twentieth century, after a period of decline of the monastery was restored and renamed the female.
  • Tervenichesky Pokrovsky nunnery. monastery was founded 17 years ago by the Sisterhood of the churches of St. Petersburg.The monastery is located in the town of Lodeynoye Pole (Leningrad region).
  • Vvedenskii Tikhvin monastery , built in 1560, is the same old complex as Svir monastery.Its share fell to ruin and destruction of the Swedes.Just like the other monasteries of the Leningrad region, acting at the time it was closed after the revolution, and some of its buildings dismantled.Currently partially restored some buildings on the territory of the monastery.
  • Zelenetskii Trinity Monastery built simultaneously with Vvedenskaya abode by the same architect.The fate of the monastery as tragic as the other Orthodox complexes Leningrad region (it acts since 1991).On the territory of the monastery among important objects can be identified Cathedral, built in honor of the Holy Trinity and the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

As it was established in the vicinity of St. Petersburg was twenty-one abode.Not all the monasteries of the Leningrad Region in force - among them there are those who have not survived to the present day.For example, Vohonovsky Mariinsky monastery was destroyed at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War and still not restored.Nicholas Besednov monastery had the same tragic fate.In its place a cross was installed in honor of the once existing orthodox complex.

Thus, in the district of St. Petersburg, there are 6 destroyed and restored mansions, closed to the public.But the monasteries Leningrad region, existing to this day, you can come at a convenient time for you.They are usually open to the public on weekdays and weekends.

pilgrimage and visits to the monasteries - it is pleasing to God.Opening a new page in the history of Orthodoxy, you will not only expand your horizons and enriched with new knowledge, but also get closer to the Lord and faith, going from worldly wanderings and troubles, enlightened and spiritually elated.Do not hesitate to go to the area of ​​the city Lodeynoe field.Svirsky Monastery awaits each pilgrim.