Functions of language.

Language - a coherent system of signs, which relate to the sound, writing and semantic content.

study of language is directly engaged in science, which is called linguistics or linguistics.Features characters studying semiotics.How is the structure of language influences thinking, sets psycholinguistics.

Language any community - very diverse, very complex, multifunctional phenomenon.On the communicative function of language we heard everything, but beyond it, there is still a long series of other appointments.Let's consider them.

  • communicative function implies that the language needed for communication, information transfer.
  • Mysleformiruschaya (the thinking, cognitive) function is closely connected with communication.It is a communicative purpose is the basis of mental functions of language, its causes.It is a fine example of the cognitive role of language leads in his work B.Norman.He cites a phrase a little girl who says she does not know what he was thinking, is not utter it aloud.
  • accumulative or cognitive function helps to accumulate knowledge and then pass them on to other people and generations.Many people have never been on the moon, but thanks to the knowledge of people who have visited there, we have a good idea and lunar landscapes, and especially the movement in this place.

Besides cognitive function creates man's inner world, helping to create and assimilate the concepts that formed as a result of its practice.

  • nominative function can still be called "man in the name of faith."This means that hearing the word "table", we imagine different things.However, all of them will be the essential features, which will enable the subject to include the category "table", not a "closet" or whatever.This ability to isolate and call general subjects closely related to cognitive function.
  • emotional and expressive purpose of the language allows you to transfer their emotions with words.This ability is called "emotive function of language."Her goal - the implementation of human emotional communication.Compare the color of words with the value "big": a huge, healthy giant.This function uses special semantics individual interjections that can transmit momentary emotions.
  • very important phatic function of language.It is inextricably linked to its regulatory function, aimed at the creation, development and normalization of relations in mikrokollektivah.With phatic function sets the source contact, draws attention, and then, using the regulatory function, continued contact.Next to them is a connotative function, by which focuses on the language of the addressee.
  • With volitional function of language one person can affect another.
  • ideological function helps in using language as a system to influence the ideology.For example, the Irish language is not used for communication, and to maintain their state, acting as a symbol.
  • With metalinguistic function of language as a system, and analyzes the phenomenon by means of the language itself.
  • Using representative function people transmit information.
  • Scope creativity allows for aesthetic orientation language.
  • Aksiologichesky function means using the language a person is able to create value judgments, to separate the concept of "bad" and "good."
  • Reference function of language means that it is a means of accumulation of human experience
  • Omadativnaya function helps to create a reality and to control it.

All functions of language are linked and intertwined, interdependent and inseparable.