How to learn to professionally photographed by any camera?

Probably everyone at least once in a lifetime pictures.In our time, the camera - it's not uncommon.If you do not have it, then chances are you are lucky enough to own a smartphone or tablet, which also built the camera.Today, capture favorite pictures - simple.Photo friendly parties, the picture of a beautiful landscape or your kid, who makes the first steps - all these bright moments of life that I want to capture in the memory, and a photo - a great opportunity to do it.It has been a time when photographers were elected.Now everyone can take pictures!Perhaps you have tried in the image of photographer, then surely, you've got a lot of pleasure from it.

However, it may happen to you, such that you could not choose a long perspective?Or maybe you do not like yourself in the photos?Are there methods that can help a novice photographer to improve their skills?How to learn to photograph professionally for free?If you are looking for answers to these questions, then you have got to address.

How to learn professional photography and how to start?

Post, of course, is, and should start, of course, with the selection of the camera.If you want to learn how to make professional-quality photos, and do not just have a passing desire, and are willing to make an extra effort, you can do so thanks to a mid-price digital camera or an advanced smartphone.However, if you can rather be attributed to the lazy person, or is important for you to achieve the most accurate and high-quality photos, then we need to get a SLR.As is so in both cases, there are certain points that are very important to pay attention to if you want to learn how to learn how to professionally photographed.

Select the type of camera

To select the camera that is right for you, let's define some types of viewfinder.Currently, there are at least four types of camera: electronic, optical, SLR and mirrorless.

Although the optical viewfinder is the most common type, it is not worth recommending.Despite its low cost, optical cameras usually strongly distorted image.Do masterpieces using such a machine, can unless a real expert in their field.If we have a bit of extra money and you want to quickly understand how to learn professional photography, then definitely, this option does not suit us.Here

electronic viewfinder - this is something with which you can work.Due to the LCD display you will immediately behold what you want to photograph.Upper class camera - and this SLR mirrorless lenses.Let's talk about them further.

Mirror and mirrorless cameras

And of course, SLR camera - thanks to which we will be able to adjust the depth of field, have at their disposal fast focusing and fun to shoot in dimly lit places.Mirrorless camera - the latest fashionable cameras that the quality is inferior only when shooting in a dark room.

confident that thanks to these tips you have decided on the camera, and therefore are willing to learn how to learn professional photography.It's not as difficult as it might seem.After reviewing all of the following principles, you can learn to take pictures of SLR or any other type of lens.

Shooting techniques: professional advice

The color scheme - it's something that just need to pay attention.If you want to take a photo of the whole family, then fine if the color of their clothing will be combined (as in the photo below).At the same time we should not forget that the dark colors suit full and bright - thin.Appearance is also very important: if you do not pay attention to the sloppy haircut, then you will do it for the camera.In those cases when photographing women, pay attention to the fact whether the imposed make-up properly.

If the picture will be someone who wears glasses, then you can ask him to turn his head on the glasses to avoid glare.However, if it is too lowered his head while on a photo can get a double chin, so be careful.Learning the techniques of shooting, it is important and if you want to learn how to learn how to professionally photographed SLR.

How to choose a background?

Moreover, without significance background.If the object is against a background of shooting poles or electric wires, the frame does not turn out good.The background should be chosen such that all the attention was focused on the subject.This means that to be photographed is in contrast with the background.In a closed room, you can try to photograph a person against a houseplant or engaged in any commonplace.Suitable as a light surface of the walls.If you do not have a suitable background, then you can work out in the portraits, as in this case will make the background blurry.You can also use a special focus mode, if there is one in the camera.

How to learn to professionally photograph?Selecting pose

In that case, if a person has a very rounded facial features, you can select a camera angle, the lighting has fallen only half of the face.To turn the camera lens to the part where less light.In addition, very often amatours admit one error related to incorrect statement of the hands.If the hands are placed along the body, it does not look very nice.Better to keep the hands in the normal human situation.

How to take pictures using SLR?

Today is a very pressing question of how to learn to professionally photographed SLR.If you carefully read the material above, and try to apply it in practice, then using an SLR camera to photograph you will be much easier.Good luck!