Cumulative map "Lukoil": the benefits, how to get and how to use discount

Sellers of goods and services with constant regularity develop to their regular customers a variety of bonus programs and actions, thereby encouraging them, because they work with them for a long time.And motorists - not the exception, they have also become participants in bonus programs.

motorists opting for refueling "Lukoil", the same name may be interested in the storage card.Although the benefits of participation in a bonus program receives significant, not all customers use it.Perhaps they are afraid of card activation procedure.However, the activation process is not complicated - it is required for the mobile phone, Internet access and very accumulative card "Lukoil".

How to get the card?

Before you learn how to get funded card "Lukoil", it must be emphasized that one person is issued only one card.Provided it is completely free of charge at the sales offices.To do this, just fill out a form stating your full name.The card indefinite duration, if for some reason, the terminal does not accept its petrol stations, call the hot line.Operators can help you resolve the issue.

How to activate the bonus card "Lukoil"?

Maps "Lukoil" are in the majority of regions of Russia.The activation procedure is quite simple and does not require complex actions.

  1. Wait until SMS-message with the code for registration;
  2. enter the four-digit code obtained in any terminal that you will find a gas station.

Following these uncomplicated action card is considered active and you can use it.

After activating the card holder it automatically becomes a member of the club "Lukoil".To use the card has become even more convenient, we recommend to open the "My Account" on the club's website.It allows you to monitor your spending and the number of bonuses.

If you filled out the questionnaire, but the SMS message with the code has not come, we recommend you to call the hotline, he will answer all questions related to the bonus cards.Tell him that you have been received a message with the code to activate.Then you will be re-directed the necessary code.Hotline is also useful when you lost the card.

How to check the card balance?

Check the status of accrued bonus points as you can in "Dashboard" on the site of the club and asked to print a check for a petrol station "Lukoil".

Map Features "Lukoil"

Cumulative map "Lukoil" allows its owner to reduce the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel.How profitable it will be depends on how often you use the company's gas stations.Bonus card "Lukoil" - cumulative, each 50 rubles, which spends its holder to purchase gasoline and any other products in the company's mini-market, give a score on the card balance.It should be noted that when calculating the amount of points spent rounded down: that is, if you make a purchase at 2930 rubles, the card will return 58 points.And a bonus point - is one ruble.

points, which is funded card "Lukoil", you can also easily spend as money.If you want to take advantage of a discount, inform the operator and present the bonus card.The cost of your purchase will decrease by the amount of bonuses, which are available on the balance sheet.But it is worth noting that when using discount points the program will not be charged.

other card products, "Lukoil"

addition of bonus cards, "Lukoil" to its customers-individuals offers more advanced co-brand cards:

  • Petrocommerce LUKOIL-MasterCard;
  • LUKOIL-Uralsib-VISA.

They have the same advantages as the accumulative card "Lukoil", but also they can be prepared using various bonuses by financial institutions themselves.They offer to the holders of such cards additional discounts and privileges from its partners - hotels, shops, fitness clubs and so on.Among other things, you will have an open account in these banking institutions, which you can add or withdraw money from it for free.

fuel cards "LUKOIL" for organizations

"Lukoil" has not forgotten about its customers-legal entities: business owners may also issue fuel cards "LUKOIL-Inter-Card".

for its registration is necessary: ​​

  • presence status of a legal entity;
  • fill in an application form for the card;
  • send the completed form to e-mail a subsidiary of "Lukoil" - "LICARD."

The benefits of fuel cards for legal entities

What are the main advantages of which is the use of a product such as fuel cards "LUKOIL".

  1. Ability to refuel at all filling stations of the company within the Russian state and beyond.
  2. Monitor fuel consumption.There
  3. card security PIN code.
  4. opportunity to link the card to a specific vehicle and the specific type of fuel.
  5. Ability to set limits on refills.
  6. possibility of using a personal account to manage settings.
  7. Using "LICARD Transit" can save up to 6.5% of the cost of fuel.
  8. Especially large companies get a personal manager to help resolve issues related to the service.
  9. possibility to get fuel on credit.
  10. With the card you get a discount not only fuel, but also additional services of the company - delivery of fuel, provision of technical assistance on the road, tire inflation and car wash.

Conclusion We have described the main advantages that the fuel and storage cards "Lukoil", where to get and how to use them, it was also considered.It's safe to say that the card products, "Lukoil" - this is another opportunity to save budget - and family businesses.