Communion after baptism: the meaning of the sacrament.

Communion is one of the main sacraments of Orthodoxy.It is believed that every Christian should regularly partake of the Holy Mysteries.The sacrament is performed in the church.It is necessary to prepare for it in advance.The first time a Christian goes to Communion after baptism.It is generally accepted that the purified communion and baptism, the human soul is guarded by angels.

Why do I need the sacrament

Many believe sacrament ordinary Orthodox tradition.In fact, its value is very large for the Christian soul.The sacrament helps instruct a person on the right path, to clear his mind.

First Communion after baptism reveals the soul of man to spiritual creatures.The sacrament prepares it for the future of revival Sir.We can say that the sacrament is a preliminary preparation of the soul for a meeting with the creator.

First Communion after baptism

Cross and communion children is recommended from birth.The sooner the soul open to the Lord, the easier and more successful life will flow.Baby shower, keep the angels will not be involved in sinful activities.

First Communion after baptism - an event not only for the child but also for its spiritual parents.During the sacrament of his soul for the first time opens the heavenly forces.What parents need to know the timing of the sacrament?It goes away after the baby was baptized.If the baby is too young, many parents prefer to neglect the sacrament, or lay it on a later date.The Orthodox Church does not approve of such behavior.

According to the rules established by the clergy of the sacrament of baptism of infants performed after the second day.To postpone it to a later date is not recommended.

process of ordinances

How is the sacrament of the church after the baptism of their children?Parishioners stand in a queue.Infants must be in the hands of parents.Adult children are themselves.They need to lay down his arms crosswise.The right-hand arm should be at the top.

During the sacrament service is held.Under prayer appeals to the middle of the temple priests endure the sacred chalice of wine and specially consecrated bread.They symbolize the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ, to take over all the sins.Over a cup held a special service in which worshipers come down to divine grace.

faithful take turns coming to the priest and asked for his blessing.Going to the priest, should be called the Christian name given at baptism.After the priest has completed the rite of blessing, it is necessary to approach the sacred Chalice, drink wine and eat bread.It is necessary to ensure that there were no droplets and crumbs.Children need to explain that the divine gifts should be eaten completely.If the child spilled the wine, it should be said about this priest.

After Communion after baptism is complete, the child is led to the table with communion bread and give it to eat one of them.There you can drink communion gifts.Then you can bring the child to the icons and show you how to pray.

Preparing a child for communion

How to prepare for the child's first communion?Sacrament requires compliance with stringent regulations in preparation.They are necessary for the complete purification of the human soul.However, the children is difficult to comply with the necessary restrictions, so the rules of preparation for the sacrament for them is much weaker:

  • feeding.If you receive communion - a baby, it is recommended to feed at least 2 hours before the start of the sacraments.Older children should not eat food for the day before the communion.It should advance to start preparing for the sacrament.To calm the baby survived the forced starvation, you must first prepare it.
  • First Communion after the baptism of a child - the most important mystery of Orthodoxy.During his unacceptable conduct loud conversations, noise, running.The child must inform about the basic rules of behavior.
  • During the sacrament to the child and the adult who holds a communicant baby must be crucifix.

What if a child refuses to take communion

Older children may refuse to go to communion.As in this case the parents do?It is necessary to ascertain the reasons for his behavior.Maybe baby just scared unfamiliar surroundings.In this case, you can just calmly tell him that is a mystery.

recommended to prepare your child in advance.To do this at home it is necessary to introduce him to the basics of Orthodoxy.You can read children's Bible or watch Christian cartoon.

While in the temple, you should pay attention to the child to other children, to put them in the example.Seeing that the other kids are quiet and do not express symptoms of anxiety, the child calms down.

can come to the temple in advance and show your child how and where to take the sacrament.Perhaps he might be interested in candles and icons.Explain their meaning.

After the baby and decided to go to Communion, it is necessary to praise and express my admiration for his action.Gradually, the baby will be relaxed to take the sacrament.Having performed the sacrament of baptism after the child, it can introduce a priest.The priest also praise and cheer the kid.

Communion adults

not all come to Christ at a young age.The road to Orthodoxy at everyone.Increasingly, you can see the temples of adults who are preparing to embrace Christianity.Communion after the baptism of adults is carried out just like children, on the second day after the sacrament.However

to adults in preparing imposed more stringent requirements:

  • sacrament of penance.Pre-Christian must pass the secrecy of confession.Only after the remission of sins, he is admitted to communion of the Holy Mysteries.However, if done after the sacrament of baptism an adult, the sacrament of confession is not required.His soul is completely purified from sins in baptism.
  • Compliance with strict fasting for 3 days.These days you can not eat meat, dairy products.
  • behavior.In addition to cleansing the body, before communion must be cleaned and soul.It is best to hold preparatory days in prayer.Also it is necessary to reject all bad and evil thoughts.

sacrament is necessary for salvation of the soul of every Christian.During the meeting at the Orthodox Divine Grace descends.First Communion after baptism is especially important for people.That's when he opens the soul to the spiritual world.Compliance with the basic requirements in preparation for the sacrament of the human soul will enable to open the way to the world of spiritual grace.