What are the mortice locks?

Recently, many consumers are choosing mortise locks.Compared with the conventional counterparts, they have several advantages.Such locks are reliable, invisible and does not affect the appearance of the door.Products for other purposes are divided into the following main groups: economic, domestic, reinforced burglar, models of individual work. good decision is Mortice locks for metal doors.This combination provides a good level of protection against hacking.

Individual and proof product

These mechanisms are quite complex structure and multiple layers of protection.They are installed in areas with high security requirements.It can be as a bank vault, and high-rise apartment.In buildings with especially high security requirements recommended to put mortise locks individual work, which are very difficult to crack.They are often installed on different safes.

And household locks

Household category - the largest segment of this market.There are many versions, which differ in price and quality.The most popular is a mortise lock with latch.It makes it easy to slam the door, which is very convenient.Reliability product category depends on the type and complexity of the mechanism.

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types of designs

Mortise locks can have the following types of mechanisms: transom, cylinder, lever, code and electronic.Products such as transom very simple.They often fail, and are low burglar.

Mortise locks cylinder type have a robust design, based on a secret Cylinder mechanism.They are still referred to as "British".The principle of operation of such products is based on building heights in the right combination of small cylinders.If even one item does not match, it will be impossible to open the lock.The level of reliability of different models depending on the number of cylinders in the mechanism, as well as how well they are made.

type electronic locks can be opened by entering a certain code, a control stick or a special key-tablet.This equipment is reliable and provides good protection.If necessary, it can easily be recoded.But for such locks requires primary and secondary (redundant) power supply.By cons of products in this category include the fact that they do not like heavy frost, high humidity and power surges.

basis of the mechanism lever locks are a special type of code plates (levers).They are located in the housing, the edges of which on both sides contains one or special cutouts.These locks keys attached tubular shape with teeth or grooves.The people they are called safe deposit.The mechanism works on the basis of interaction with the groove plates.The more levers in the lock, the harder it open.These locks are considered very reliable and provide good protection.Standard models typically have six plates.