Zinc oxide.

Zinc Oxide (another name - zinc oxide) - is an amphoteric oxide, a colorless, crystalline powder, yellowing with gradual warming and sublimating at 1800 degrees.Insoluble in water.The degree of oxidation of the zinc compound - 2. Chemical formula ZnO.This material is of great importance for humanity.It has a multifaceted effect on the human body.

Zinc Oxide: physical properties

  1. thermal conductivity is 54 W / (m * K).
  2. is a semiconductor with a band width of 3.3 eV.

chemical properties of zinc oxide

  1. Reacts with acids.In this form the salt.
  2. Reacts with alkalis to form tetra-, tri- and geksagidroksitsinkatov.
  3. This material is dissolved in an aqueous solution of ammonia.This forms a complex Ammoniate.
  4. When fused with alkali oxides and zinc oxide forms zincates.
  5. When fused with silica and zinc oxide, boron and forms a glassy silicate board.

How to get the zinc oxide (ZnO)

Zinc oxide can be obtained in several ways:

  • of natural mineral zincite;
  • by burning zinc vapor (Zn) of oxygen (O) - so-called "French process";
  • by thermal decomposition of the following compounds: hydroxide Zn (OH) 2, zinc acetate Zn (CH3COO) 2 nitrate Zn (NO3), carbonate ZnCO3;
  • during oxidative roasting ZnS (zinc sulfide);
  • at hydrothermal synthesis;
  • by extracting dusts and sludges from steel mills.Of particular importance are those plants that specialize in scrap metal containing a significant proportion of galvanized iron.

The use of zinc oxide

Zinc oxide is used in the manufacture of rubber, paper, some plastics, rubber products, artificial leather, electric cable, glass, ceramics, cosmetics (sunblock, beauty treatments) and perfumes.It is used as an activator for the vulcanization of various rubbers catalytic synthesis of organic substances - methanol, chloroprene rubbers the vulcanizing agent, a pigment and filler in the production.Previously, zinc oxide was needed as a white pigment in the production of enamels and paints, but now it is completely supplanted by TiO2 (titanium dioxide is non-toxic).Widespread zinc oxide and got in the paint, tire and oil refining industries.

received widespread zinc oxide and in medicine and pharmaceuticals (drugs "zinc ointment", "Sudocrem", "Pasta Lassara").It is used in the composition of antiseptic ointments, in form of powders.In practice, it is used to create a microbicide and ceiling coverings in hospitals, self-cleaning surfaces.With zinc oxide produced toothpaste and cement for restorative dentistry.Previously it used on an industrial scale for the photocatalytic purification of water.

also considering our substance used in the manufacture of paints and glass in the glass-based liquid, as one component of a rust remover and as an additive to animal feed.In addition, the powder of the substance is a promising material as a working medium for the laser powder.On the basis of zinc oxide created The LEDs blue colors.Some nanostructures (e.g., thin film) based on this substance can be used as biological or gas-sensitive sensors.

What is the impact on human zinc oxide?

This chemical compound has low tox- icity.The air workrooms the MPC should be no more than 6 miligram per cubic meter.Dust zinc oxide can be formed by firing brass products.Ex work with zinc oxide must be substance does not enter the eye.Medications with zinc oxide recommended for use only as directed by a doctor.