Furnishings in the nursery - it's not easy!

Starting to think about the design of a child's room, it is important for children to determine how old she is.That is what will serve as the main determining factor in the correct layout of the room.For example, when children are young, parents are paying special attention to the security of the kid and his own convenience.For teenagers as important functionality.

1. The best option when the baby is removed from the living room, especially if the child is small.In this case, it will not bother loud sounds, for example, by turning on the TV.

2. While the children are small, it makes sense to settle them in one room, and the second to make the game, put a wardrobe with children's clothes and toys.Over time, each will receive a separate, allowing them to purchase private space for entertainment and recreation.Many child psychologists agree that until adolescence, it is important that the children shared one room.So they learn to properly communicate and feel more confident if the next closest person.

3. In recent times, in vogue again entered bunk beds.But psychologists are experts in Feng Shui oppose them argumentituya the fact that a child sleeping on the lower tier creates unpleasant oppressive feeling.Therefore it is better to use ordinary beds, over which it would not have hung: bookshelves, lamps, curtains.These elements adversely affect the child, and may be unsafe.

4. If possible, it is better not to clutter the nursery extra cupboards and shelves.Books, carpets, curtains and soft toys - the main sources of accumulation of dust.Today's children are exposed to allergic reactions, so you should limit the number of the above mentioned items.

5. Table for training should be wide and convenient.The child needs comfort for homework, drawing, sculpture and so on.In this case, the small computer tables are not a substitute.Note that desk in the children must have enough space to accommodate a computer and accompanying devices.Very often, parents love children put a face to the window, and with his back to the door, but it's better when your child least peripheral vision sees the entrance to the room.

6. In addition to the main lighting in the room, do not forget about local points of light: the work area in the room of a teenager or over the crib, if you are setting up the nursery for a newborn.

7. Flooring, coloring and texture of the sexes in nurseries must meet stringent safety standards and state standards related to children's health.After the repair is desirable to thoroughly ventilate all rooms in the apartment, to erode the smell of paint and building materials.The windows in the nursery should be equipped with safety bars.If you dekoriruete children's bedroom cords and beads, make sure that the child can not get these decor items.Window Handles should be located out of reach of the baby.

planning even a small room children's rooms, we advise you to contact specialists in interior design that will help to find the most competent, original and innovative approaches, of which you were unaware.

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