Winners and winners - who is this?

Diploma - a winners or just participants?And what is the difference from the winner of the?Do you do something similar or different?If you too are asking these questions, then this article is sure to answer them.I want to explain to you in detail what is each of these concepts, and to find the difference.But let's order.


winners and students - those participants in the prestigious competition or festival, which distinguished high level of training and were able to impress the strict jury.They are usually promoted by the organizers, which will undoubtedly stimulate their desire for creative growth.Becoming winners and students not only prestigious, it behooves match the high status and continue to move to success, reaching new goals.

winners and students - who is this?

Winner is the one who won a competition or festival of high level;the person who received the prestigious award for achievements in the fields of music, dance, sports, science, art or cinema.

Diploma of 1 degree - is one of the contestants, who took the prize.There is also a diploma 2 and 3 degrees, which confirm the success of the performance or execution of a high level of competitive performance.


first analyze what a winner.Grading of the status associated with the long-established order of rewarding.Everyone knows that the winner can be only one participant.That he is the winner of the contest, receiving a reward, that is the prize.Usually it is approved by the tender committee.Other participants are awarded different prizes depending on the space occupied by them.

little deeper into history to find the meaning of the word "winner".Translated from Latin, it means "crowned with laurels."In ancient Rome, heroes, politicians, athletes were awarded a laurel wreath.This tradition continued into modern times, however, it evolved.Instead sprigs of laurel winners receive prizes and awards for his services.

Chances are, you know that one of the most prestigious titles in the field of science, culture, literature is the following: the Nobel Prize.Other prizes may also be awarded to the winners of various competitions in any area.Member, first place winner receives a medal or a prize, trophy.It may also be the holder of a diploma in one of the nominations.

Diploma Diploma - are participants, whose merits were awarded by the jury or the organizers of the competition as particularly outstanding.All this is mentioned in the diploma that is the seal of those who held a competition.Also, each member of the jury leaves his signature.

Unlike laureate diploma of the competition - it is not always the same person.A diploma - not just an honorary award, but also a kind of evidence of the high level of training, professionalism and talent of the participant.It allows the holder to present their work to a wider circle of connoisseurs.

main differences

to structure the information provided above, and consolidate knowledge, we note the main differences.

1. Diploma - is the contestants who received the award in the form of a diploma for outstanding differences, and winner - The winner of the prize or other valuable prize.

2. Winner may be a medalist, and also take first place.In turn, the winner - is the ultimate reward.

3. Diplomates can not be prize-winner of the contest, and winner - one hundred percent a winner, having special merits in a particular area.

Now you will certainly be able to tell them apart these concepts and will not look ridiculous in the society, because the difference between them is significant.And in conclusion, I want to wish you and become a student of the importance of the contest, and the winner of some prestigious award!Good luck and new victories!