The value of the name Lisa: origin and characteristics

Elizabeth - is the name of Hebrew origin.The basis of it was the phrase "Eliseba", which translates as "my oath to God."This name is found in various countries (Alzhbetta, Elizabeth).In the CIS it has a high popularity.

value named Lisa

Elizabeth - is generally ambitious but agreeable woman whose life mending her emotions.As a rule, it is able to hold them back, and therefore gives the impression of a man balanced.Sometimes, however, the lady with the same name can act thoughtlessly and impulsively that could push it to the ill-considered eccentric behavior, which she then very sorry.

value named Lisa stipulates that a child naughty girl, funny and very active.It is difficult to sit still or to engage in because Lisa could not for a long time to focus their attention on one thing.Elizabeth likes to talk, but in the process it can change the mood and it raskapriznichaetsya.An adult woman is also subject to frequent changes of mood.

among peers is often the leader Lisa.The value of the name causes the generosity, compassion and good-natured, and sometimes vanity girls.Relatives and friends of Lisa should be remembered that the girl has no action, so it is sometimes necessary to stop in order to achieve not go to pieces.The value of the name Lisa stipulates that a friend of the owner of the name shows gentleness and kindness.Girl conflict-free, but in a society may behave very straightforward and engage in unnecessary dispute or quarrel.Name Lisa is particularly suitable girl, born under the signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio.

value named Lisa: the pros and cons

Elizabeth - is energetically powerful and very beautiful name that is familiar to our ears, and goes well with the Slavic surname and patronymic.At this name, there are some good cuts.In general, positive character of Elizabeth can not be called a disadvantage name.

Lisa differ good health.In middle age it is necessary to pay attention to your blood pressure and thyroid, as well as engage in the prevention of such diseases as varicose veins.

Married Elizabeth is not always lucky on the first try.True love, they usually find in a second marriage.Home and Family for the owners of the name plays a very important role in life.Lisa needs a strong and reliable rear, so tends to make your family friendly.Elizabeth also loves comfort and achieves it with the daily care of the family and the home.She's a good hostess, an excellent cook, she loves to contrive repairs and rearrangements.Name day Lisa 5 and 18 September, 4 November and 31 December and May 7th.

in professional activity, Elizabeth attracted to science and technology.From the owners of the name make good: system administrators, physicists, technicians, programmers, reporters, operators of call centers, factory workers, engineers, and postanovschitsy tricks.Lisa gets in a good team.