Constellation Cancer: all about the beautiful cluster of stars

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Constellation Cancer - one of the most faded constellations.Around this constellation are a large number of other clusters of stars Hydra, Lynx, Leo, Gemini.Night southern constellation of Cancer is usually observed in the period from January to May, because at this time it is at the highest point above the horizon.

in the constellation can not see the peering around 60 stars, of which only 5 are the most vivid (4 th magnitude).All the stars in the constellation, connected by lines that create a triangle, and its top you can see the star circuit.It is difficult to see in the figure, formed the stars, it was cancer, but in the star atlases of ancient times is depicted in this way.

stars γ and δ form amazing, though blurry, hazy "star".It is interesting that even in ancient times this extraordinary "star" was noticed and named "Cribs" and the stars that form it are called "foals".Even in ancient times people believed that if the "foals" shine brightly, or "creche", on the contrary, are dark, you have to wait for rain.Ever since the invention of the telescope, it was found that the vague "star" - the star cluster, which was first noticed Galileo.Dimstar "Nursery" is open cluster of stars, which includes about 100 stars (with a diameter of 16 light-years).The surprising fact is that up to this amazing constellation of Cancer about 520 years of space.Observation constellation is so mesmerizing that you can not tear yourself away from this abyss of space and stars that inhabit it.

fact that astrologers are interested in this amazing cluster of stars in the constellation of Cancer includes its membership one of the brightest double stars (ι cancer).It is this is the main star of her magnitude of about 4m, 2.Not far from it is a satellite the size of which 6m, 8.This star carries it Lambent yellowness and satellite gives blue light.This scene is fantastically beautiful and wonderful, because it is a cosmic radiance "diamonds".

attracts attention and relatively inconspicuous star, which boasts cancer.Constellation in this place hardly seems human vision, and the size of distant stars is about 5m.This star is a collection of 5 stars, which are available exclusively viewed using a very powerful telescope.

constellation Cancer is present in the sky due to the fact that the nearest star, the Sun moves along the ecliptic.With this movement, the star moves into the constellation of the constellation.Such stellar clusters in the zodiac there are twelve cosmic abyss (the constellation of Aries, Cancer, Leo, Pisces, Gemini, Libra, Scorpio, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus).

About 2,000 years ago, a summer solstice is located in the celestial sphere, where it is the most amazing constellation of Cancer.Due to the fact that the apparent motion was sent back, it was like cancer, which moves back, so the scope of the area of ​​the sky and called so.

stars - one of the most mysterious wonders of the cosmos to study them is a pleasure!